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  1. This is why Ford will be conservative rolling out OTA updates

    OTAs are not 'trusted to users as a download'. They're an automated process which hopefully report back of success so that Ford can track which vehicles have/don't have what installed. Using OTA is much, much more efficient than relying on dealers to do one car at a time. Something that's...
  2. Electrical System Drain - Service required

    Thanks. I'll throw the battery charger on it and see what happens. They did spend the entire first day in the shop installing updates. The HVB charge status did drop over 10% that day with no miles driven, so perhaps they didn't hook it up to a charger while updating and drained/damaged the...
  3. Will we ever get sentry mode equivalent? Does anyone have a good reason why not?

    How often are you people having things like this happen? I've never personally had an experience where one would add value. I don't see freakish things happening regularly out and about to justify one either. I already pay for insurance which I've never filed a claim on. If you like having a...
  4. Will we ever get sentry mode equivalent? Does anyone have a good reason why not?

    If someone bumped in to my car or broke in to it, I'd have evidence in the form of damage to the car. A picture of whomever did it is not going to make any difference at all to the insurance company or the police. But, if the car could give a good jolt of electricity to whomever opens their...
  5. Will we ever get sentry mode equivalent? Does anyone have a good reason why not?

    I fail to see the point of dash cams or sentry mode. Seems like nothing more than a toy to me. Definitely not something I'd ever consider paying for.
  6. Electrical System Drain - Service required

    My car was at the dealer for two weeks getting the SOBDM replaced due to not being able to charge. Since I've had it back, I've been getting an error every couple of days: "Electrical System Drain Service Required... possibly caused by after-market device(s)". This message usually happens...
  7. FordPass 3.32.0 Released on iOS and Android

    Interesting. Mine was just as bad on 3.31 as prior versions. 3.32 seems to have finally fixed it for me. They must have been chasing different issues on different hardware/Android releases. It's good progress to see, and if anything is, worthy of a release notes line item.
  8. FordPass 3.32.0 Released on iOS and Android

    After a full day of the new version on Android, my battery usage has been vastly better. Instead of Ford Pass being 40%+, it's now 1%. Need more time to tell for sure, but it's starting off promising.
  9. FordPass 3.32.0 Released on iOS and Android

    I highly doubt that. It was most likely to speed up load time. The app is mostly a shell that loads a bunch of stuff from the internet. Having less to display allows the app to appear faster. PAAK is a background process and 99% of the time will not be unlocking/starting the car while...
  10. Got a free second keyfob, from Ford!

    They should just give us one when we bring in our cars for the windshield/roof recalls. A 'sorry for the inconvenience, here's a little something' type thing.
  11. OTA for MME is terrible

    Yes I did. If their development team is spread out, or an offshore team, etc, odds are, they don't have access to an actual car. At a minimum, I'd expect they have an emulator. Even better, they have a bread board module with a touch screen (at least for Synch), but that doesn't cover other...
  12. OTA for MME is terrible

    The reason to roll out in waves is to have a feedback loop and catch issues. It's unlikely that they'd receive enough error reports in just 3-7 days of subtle issues. Yes, they'd find out if they completely broke everyone's cars that quickly, but not about other issues. It's unlikely the...
  13. What charger do you recommend? Why?

    The mobile charger will likely suffice. But, as mentioned, there are incentives right now to buy/install EVSEs. The Federal credit expires at the end of the year. If your local utility also has a rebate, it will likely expire at some point as well. Many of the utility rebates also enroll you...
  14. Fantastic Car, but PAAK, Phone Integration, FordPass and overall Software is an Abomination

    The buttons in the app and PAAK are not related. The Start/Lock/Unlock buttons are all done through the cloud (Phone <-> Ford Server <-> Car). They do not use Bluetooth. PAAK is Bluetooth only and is a direct connection between your phone and car. If the Bluetooth status below the Start...
  15. Here's an idea! (Volume Knob)

    It would also be nice if it could be used as a scroll control in the settings screens. I don't know how many times I've accidentally toggled a setting while just trying to find a spot on the screen to scroll up/down with my finger.
  16. Do you regret the panoramic sun roof

    Love mine. It handled a week of 100+ weather without being parked in the shade just fine with windows up and no window shades. Was cooler than my previous car that I kept with the sunroof popped, side windows cracked and sun shade. Just wish it had the option to open it.
  17. What's an acceptable number of miles on your brand new custom ordered Mach-E?

    Mine had 41. I picked it up about three hours after the truck arrived with it.
  18. OTA Mach-E DC Fast Charging speed and threshold increases coming this winter

    It depends on where the constraint is. Yes, there are many development tasks that cannot be divided (developers will be stepping on each other's code). Some of those cascade downward if there are dependencies blocking other work. There's also ramp up time to become familiar with the code...
  19. OTA Mach-E DC Fast Charging speed and threshold increases coming this winter

    It's all the same budget. They can pay a developer/contractor to create games, or spend that money on a developer/contractor that fixes bugs/improves the infotainment system for the driver.
  20. Dealers getting in the way

    Several years ago when Apple couldn't meet demand and iPhones were the big craze, if you failed to get one standing in line on release day, your option was paying someone a huge markup on e-Bay. It's all supply and demand. TVs are another example. The price is highly regulated by the...