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  1. mwsno

    2 GTs in Burlington

    While waiting for my GT to come in, I did notice 2 GTs at Dwayne Lanes in Burlington. One seems to have a 5k mark up.
  2. mwsno

    Ford website errors

    I constantly get an error visiting Ford's website. Anyone else? Or is it because I'm using Microsoft Edge?
  3. mwsno

    Mountain Trailheads

    One concern I’ve had while waiting for my Mach E is the ability to get to some of the trailheads in the north cascades. I keep telling myself it should be able to get anywhere my Mazda 3 can get to. Any thoughts/concerns on taking Mach E up in the mountains on fire roads?
  4. mwsno

    2 Orders, Buy 1?

    I have a reservation for a Mach E GT (patiently waiting... ) and a new Bronco. Both reservations made last July. Is it okay to order both, but make a purchasing decision when you see them arrive? Any issues with that? I know both won't arrive at the same time, but at least I have some hands on...
  5. mwsno

    Adding Fog Lights?

    Has anyone looked into adding lower fogs lights? Think it'd be an easy install?
  6. mwsno

    GT Options?

    Has there been any information released for GT options? I'm seeing a bit of information regarding Magneride and glass roof, but nothing regarding pricing. If no information has been given, anyone have estimates? Or other potential options? Been on the fence with waiting a year only to find out...