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  1. tuminatr

    Spotted the most Mach-E's I have seen in one place

    Yep, went to pick up lunch at Lund's downtown Saint Paul, MN, and saw 2 new Mach E GT's one of them a GTPE a little hard to see in the photo. So 3 Mach E's in the photo Mine is the Infinity Blue
  2. tuminatr

    I have noted a new bug/issue on my car with the trip meter

    So the last few trips I have taken the car has added milage to the "this trip" when I leave the first destination I go to. Here is an example, we ordered take out tonight. I went to the restaurant and picked up its 2.8-3 miles each way. When I got to the restaurant I shut off the car and went...
  3. tuminatr

    Electrify America adding some fast charging in SD and WY

    Looks like EA is about to turn on some new charging station be it a little late for tourist season. Would have come in handy this summer I went to Rapid City and we had to take my wife car because of lack of fast charging
  4. tuminatr

    Minnesota Sold Premium 19" wheels for sale

    Soldmy factory 19" premium wheels and tires.
  5. tuminatr

    Just got it back from service Parking Brake issue

    This is to alert other Mach E owners of an issue I had and the resolution the local dealer was able to perform. I drove through a monsoon for (figuratively not literally)4 hours last week and then had an issue with the parking brake system. The system would appear to engage but not fully when...
  6. tuminatr

    MME 19x8.5 +20 Ace Whees custom powder coated color

    I finally got around to putting wheels on the MME. These are wheels that I had on my Ford Fusion. The wheels are a lightweight 19x8.5 +20 and the wheel tire combo save 6 pounds per wheel the difference is noticeable. The Tires are All season UHP Vredestein Hypertrac 245/50/19 tires. After I...
  7. tuminatr

    US based Mach Owners can save some money on a ESP

    I am posting this for the people who want to buy a Ford ESP and save some cash. I realize some people probably think they are not necessary and your right. I think its a cheap way to protect your car. I have owned a bunch of Ford and Lincoln cars and SUVS and have always bought a ESP, but never...