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  1. Waps61

    FML! Almost sick about it!

    I'm not mad, just wondered. Many answer can be found in the TFM. But I guess I'm one of the few that do read these. Still enough to ask about the wonders of MME, so no jeopardy for the forum :cool:.
  2. Waps61

    FML! Almost sick about it!

    Why don't people RTFM?:eek:
  3. Waps61

    SSM 50173 - Front Suspension Noise - Front Spring Spacers - Built On Or After 26-Jul-2021

    Definitely; I was one of them and posted pictures on this forum earlier
  4. Waps61

    Mach-E Proves It's A Real Mustang By Spectacularly Failing Moose Test

    For a non biased moose test see for the Mach-E in particular or any other brand/model search the site :-) Let the Moose be warned...:cool:
  5. Waps61

    REALLY loud when charging

    So what is TSB 21-2091 about than? Any changes in the UI, functionality or is it all invisible for the user and is the noise gone? EDIT: TSB 21-2091 is for the 12V battery drain issue. So how does this relate to the loud noise problem?
  6. Waps61

    Pano roof - why all the hate?

    I love the panoramic roof (living in a milder climate though:cool:)
  7. Waps61

    Can't deal with the bouncy ride anymore after two weeks with the Mach-E. What do I do?

    You better check if there are transport locks fitted that have not been removed as per my MME. Detected this after 1000 miles and a bouncy ride. Picture is from left front spring and damper. The yellow thingies are the spring locks....and should not be there:mad::eek:
  8. Waps61

    Insane charging noise

    You can win back some time by increasing up to 14 Amps on the wallbox. WOrks fine with me without the roaring noises. Getting a 1 phase charge cable from Ford to solve the problem made me LMAO. What kind of solution is that, seriously? I'd rather collect all the angry notes under my windshield...
  9. Waps61

    TSB 21-2091 - 12-Volt Battery Becomes Discharged While The Vehicle Is Plugged In During the High Voltage Charging Process

    I'm unaware of what type of 12V battery the MME has, but lead-acid batteries are dead when discharged below 10%=11.51V). AGM or Gell might possibly survive such a discharge when directly charged and topped of.
  10. Waps61

    TSB 21-2091 - 12-Volt Battery Becomes Discharged While The Vehicle Is Plugged In During the High Voltage Charging Process

    8Volts? Normally a 12V battery SOC below 11,5 V is considered deceased beyond revival. Are you sure you measured correctly?
  11. Waps61

    REALLY loud when charging

    It is only correct when you know how to do the math🧐
  12. Waps61

    REALLY loud when charging

    You must compare apples with apples, so if you take the phase shift of 120 degrees into account you also have to use the 400 Volt (the max amplitude between 2 shifted phases instead of 230V. So 3^1/2*400*16A=11kWh but in short you can take 3*230*16=11kWh. Either way around :-)
  13. Waps61

    REALLY loud when charging

    Well on my calculator 3 x 14 x 230 = 9,7 kWh. So where is the 1.73 coming from? @Creaky; I have a RWD SR making noise like hell on 11kWh, so ER or SR does not seem to make the difference
  14. Waps61

    REALLY loud when charging

    1st off all, downplaying this issue does not make it normal. Try to explain this to your complaining neighbours during the night. This charging noise can be as loud as 76 dB which is not classified as normal. I'm suffering from the same problem and it seems that not all MME's have this issue in...
  15. Waps61

    OTA 1.6.0 Power-Up Installed

    Overhere in NL we are still on 1.3.0..... Does anyone know what has changed from there on?
  16. Waps61

    EU MME drivers unite to get problems fixed at Ford

    Hi, as a Dutch MME driver I experience we are not getting much support from Ford in solving issues that occur in the MME. Although we have a strong forum (at least at see here ) where one of the members has put a lot of effort in collecting issues with the MME see here ). This list...