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  1. Steve-o

    Original orderers backing out of their GTs?

    There are also the people that have down payments on every EV out there and whichever one shows up first they take. Also, if they got into an accident and needed a car, they may have bought something else as couldn't wait.
  2. Steve-o

    Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    Dave - Your question is will you go to Top Golf with the car to show people you actually bought it to convince them you did, or never go golfing again as now you have a car?
  3. Steve-o

    GT Performance Edition winter tires

    Staying with the 20 x 8 rims is impossible to find right now as supply chains are causing issues. I don't want to put $4K rims on the car to just get hit with snow / sleet / ice and destroyed. I might need to take this approach ... oh wait Im still in the grumpy I have no idea when I will get...
  4. Steve-o

    10/18 Build Week Gang

    The site is down which is because the Ford site is down. I think servers are off and information will populate with a bunch of us being built
  5. Steve-o

    10/18 Build Week Gang

    I emailed my dealer and there is no change on their side as well, but nothing on the build date moving. So, everything might just be delayed or pushed (which might make sense if the '22s are being pushed back), so maybe get something in the next few days. On the positive side, my winter tires...
  6. Steve-o

    10/18 Build Week Gang

    I was wondering that as well as im sure a lot is automated
  7. Steve-o

    10/18 Build Week Gang

    Going with optimism here and just hoping sites not updated
  8. Steve-o

    10/18 Build Week Gang

    Has anyone seen a change in or modules? I don't know when those get updated (im sure someone in the forum, just lazy right now haha) and figure it takes a few days for everything to load. Hopefully im just hitting refresh too much!
  9. Steve-o

    10/18 Build Week Gang

    I was driving to get my wife's car from shop this morning and it is across from the Ford dealership I am getting my car. I know my salesman said he had two other GTs and I saw my Grabber Blue driving off with temp plates. They are coming and just need to be patient or buy new keys like someone...
  10. Steve-o

    Mach E GT Early!! ;)

    Dave - I saw the name of the post and your handle and thought got it early! Congrats to the OP, but was pulling for ya!!
  11. Steve-o

    10/18 Build Week Gang

    So maybe it is something about when we were first scheduled and then pushed to this week. Interesting as I have the same "In Production" as well since last week, so hopefully things start moving on Thursday!
  12. Steve-o

    10/18 Build Week Gang

    It could be any day this week. You could just call the dealer and ask the build day and making sure still on track. I have had a window sticker since last Monday but hopefully see modules lighting up on Thursday
  13. Steve-o

    10/18 Build Week Gang

    Yeah, it was from his internal report that he can run. It was a full listing of when it was first scheduled, then a build week and then a build day. I am hoping hasn't moved as gave to me about 2 weeks ago.
  14. Steve-o

    10/18 Build Week Gang

    Yep, I have been waiting for this as I can hopefully come out of the Grumpy folks to be grumpy in its own thread! I have a 10/21 built date from Dealer on a GTPE, Grabber Blue.
  15. Steve-o

    Pay someone to debadge?

    A little heat and the floss will cut like butter. If you start using knives or window etchers then invest in a DA polisher haha
  16. Steve-o

    BMW i4 M50 review by Motortrend

    Bring its still on the G20 series, they didnt make the interior any larger than its OCE counterpart. That makes it easier for BMW to make, but means the interior is not that large (i have one now). My hope would have been that they didnt nees all the front area and made the cabin bigger. Why...
  17. Steve-o

    GT Build Week 10/4 October 4

    Its the child of a MME and a Lightning 😀
  18. Steve-o

    GT Build Week 10/4 October 4

    Im still in Window Sticker mode I think early as dealer had showed me 10/21 build date. If I use the current timelines for people, that would put mine in early December and just need by year end so get the tax credit ... and so my work stops checking how many times I look up the site!
  19. Steve-o

    Mustang Mach-E Die Cast Model Car?

    I should email Lego and have them make one as their next car. I have the '67 they put out, but be cool to put the MME next to it
  20. Steve-o

    Is my Mach E built yet?

    Look at the Trackers above and give you an idea to find out if modules are built and if maybe in transit.