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  1. karioka

    Why do you buy an expensive wall charger unit for home when Ford gives you a 14-50 plug?

    That's what I do, use the mobile charger that came with the car for free and it works great!
  2. karioka

    Ford Connected Charge Station 15% off

    I was told by my electrician, the one that did the install in the garage, that there wasn't none. Thank you.
  3. karioka

    Ford Connected Charge Station 15% off

    Yes, there's no NEMA receptacle for 60A. Receptables are for up to 50A.
  4. karioka

    Inno 466 Cargo Box + Seasucker Mounts + Seasucker Monkey Bar Roof Rack installed on Mach-E

    Might be a good idea to think of a spare tire now that there's more space on the roof. I had a blowout on first trip and have been thinking about extra cargo space on the roof now that I got myself a spare tire. Thanks for showing.
  5. karioka

    EV Chargers in the Middle of the USA

    The link below is from the and is about a cross-country road trip on a Porsche Taycan. I don't necessarily agree that the EA chargers are bad, sometimes they don't connect to the vehicle, but...
  6. karioka

    Horrible first EA experience today

    What if you had called the police?
  7. karioka

    Horrible first EA experience today

    I'm sorry about your experience. I would call Electrify America and complain about it. They are supposed to have people going around checking these chargers. AS san alternative, try using EVGo, it's a bit slower but works very well.
  8. karioka

    Spare tire info

    Hitting a pothole is a road hazard even and is not covered by tire warranties. I just had one. Tire rack is the only place that has a road hazard warranty but only for 2 years. Also, the roadside assistance from Ford has a limit towing range of 35 miles.
  9. karioka

    Spare Tire a good / bad idea?

    I also had a beyond repair blow out coming back from UT, had to have the car towed as I had no spare. I'm thinking of buying a full-size spare in case it happens again, need to drive long miles on it, eventually to get back home.
  10. karioka

    Not getting full range after 1k kilo, tire pressure?

    A puncture is a road hazard event and mot tire warranties do not cover road hazard events.
  11. karioka

    Winter tires

    Claude, How do you know which wheel rim size to buy? Or are you going to buy the ones from Ford?
  12. karioka

    Full-size Spare Tire

    In a recent road trip I had a beyond-repair puncture on the rear right tire of my Mach E. I only got back home because the repair shop was nice enough to sell me a used and almost bald tire, of course illegal as well. But I got home safely! So I decided to buy a full-size spare tire. The problem...
  13. karioka

    Standard Range or Extended Range

    If you can afford the extra cost, even if you don't need it, go for the extended range . Maybe one day you will decide to take the vehicle on a road trip and you will not regret having chosen that model.
  14. karioka

    Day 1-3 with GT - Half charge round-trip and power outages!

    The safest way to do this is to stop the charging in the Ford Pass app then disconnect.
  15. karioka

    Another GOM Lie

    In the spirit of beating the deadhorse to decomposition, here's something to think about: the range displayed in the dash, don't know what GOM means, depends on the ratio miles/kWh of previous trips and the outside temperature. Recently, on a trip to Park City, UT, In noticed that my range went...
  16. karioka

    Trip from San Jose, CA to Salt Lake City, UT

    You are very welcome. A picture of the object that punctured the tire follows below: Just a little bar with two screws at the ends. It entered the tire like a projectile and made a noise similar to hitting a pothole but I knew it was not a pothole because I would have seen it on road if that...
  17. karioka

    Trip from San Jose, CA to Salt Lake City, UT

    Last week I went on a road trip from San Jose, CA to Salt Lake City, UT. If you have a regular battery and do not want to get stranded in Nevada, I would recommend the following stops, all using the Electrify America charging stations: In California: 100% at home / Sacramento / Truckee In...
  18. karioka

    Can't deal with the bouncy ride anymore after two weeks with the Mach-E. What do I do?

    I felt this way too until I went on a road trip to Salt Lake, UT and noticed that the roads are so much better outside California. Very smooth indeed.
  19. karioka

    Tire pressure at delivery?

    It's the Select RWD Std. Battery.