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  1. Tbird

    Tesla QUADRUPLED Supercharger Prices Overnight

    My observation is that the increase by tesla superchargers ( and others) only impacts when you charge while on the road. Most of the time I charge at home and my electric rates have not increase (yet).
  2. Tbird

    Tesla QUADRUPLED Supercharger Prices Overnight

    The way they can charge is regulated by state laws. At this point they have to follow the law
  3. Tbird

    10-80% Full CCS DC Fast Charging Test @ EA in Stamford, CT.

    My complaint is Ford has said they will increase DC charging from 80% to 90% for better winter charging. As I said Q2 is a little late for winter (this year). I purchased a 2021 premium equiped for Blue Cruise to be released this year. Now looks like that is next year. I agree, no one knows...
  4. Tbird

    10-80% Full CCS DC Fast Charging Test @ EA in Stamford, CT.

    That's a little late. Winter is just around the corner.
  5. Tbird

    Tips for Maximizing Your Mach-E’s Winter Range (Per FordPass Notice)

    If you are parked in your garage you are charging on a level 2 charger and your car is not turned on. Therefore the heater is not on. DC charging is the public charging you do at Electrify America or ChargePoint chargers, EV Go etc. For these you are most likely sitting n your waiting on the...
  6. Tbird

    Intelligent Cruise Control error

    Open the vechicle drawer go to settings select general scroll down to reset select master reset This returns the car to factory default settings. All updates remain in place. PAAK and Ford Pass will be disconnected and you will have to set those up again. All profiles will be deleted. All...
  7. Tbird

    Intelligent Cruise Control error

    I have been having similar problems with navigation System not booting up, the intelligent cruise control error message popping up and Apple CarPlay not working properly. All of my modules have been updated and I have OTA 1.7.1. So I was advised to do a master reset of the car to the Ford...
  8. Tbird

    How to use Blue Oval credit at Chargepoint station?

    Those credits are for Electrify America charging stations not Chargepoint Stations.
  9. Tbird

    Let’s Clean Up FordPass

    The redesign is desperately needed. They should recruit some experienced app designers. The car is great. The app is not very well implemented.
  10. Tbird

    Max Charge

    I concur. You should Change it from “Charge when plugged in” to ”Use preferred charge settings“. That will fix it
  11. Tbird

    Charging experience

    I also prefer EA charging network to CP when on a trip. (Higher charging rates and more availability). However sometimes you can find a free 50 kw CP charger. For instance, Rhode Island has s lot of free CP charges sponsored by the state energy commission. Most are level 2 But some are DC...
  12. Tbird

    Charging experience

    I use CP all the time. You shpuld tap the card or the phone on the charger before plugging into the car. Watch the CP screen. It will say authorizing then tell you when it is time to plug into thr car. When finished charging tap the CP charger agin. It will power down and then you can...
  13. Tbird

    OTA 1.7.1 Stuck, anyone else have issue updating?

    My car updated to 1.7.1 last night. This morning I checked for updates and the update screen said I received the 1.7.1 but I did not have any of the new screens or functionality available. Drove the car during the day and then late this afternoon started receiving notifications in Ford Pass...
  14. Tbird

    Dealer has 5 Mach Es on his lot

    If you just can not wait to order then Schultz Ford in Nanuet, NY has 5 2021 select AWD models on the lot for sale. Just saying!
  15. Tbird

    FordPass 3.33.0 is out

    Updating from ios 15.0.2 to 15.1. Hopefully that will correct the issue
  16. Tbird

    FordPass 3.33.0 is out

    It must be an apple ios problem. Does not work on my ipad or my iphone 12
  17. Tbird

    FordPass 3.33.0 is out

    Maps is broken in FP with the new update. It kicks me out of FP when I search for a destination
  18. Tbird

    240V but only 20Amp circuit.

    I used the ford charger which comes with the car on a 240v 30 amp circuit for a while and had no problem. Just for safety, I have since upgraded to a Charge Point home flex charger direct connected to a 60 amp circuit. That allowed me to go from charging at 20 miles in an hour to 32 miles in...
  19. Tbird

    Buying a Dealer Demo

    I bought a dealer demo with 4000 miles on it. When titled it says new vehicle. If the dealer did not title it then you should be able to title as new and get the rebate. On warranty, mine started when the dealer got the car. We went back to ford and they would not change on that issue. I...