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  1. Mathington

    Added a black bar / blackout wrap to tail rear and waiting for spoiler

    This looks amazing! Now I'm considering this for my non-GT Mach-E
  2. Mathington

    Stunning How Ford Dealers are sabotaging the success of the brand....

    That's insane, I don't know why anyone would even pay prices or a markup like that for a RAV 4.
  3. Mathington

    Ford aims to double EV production capacity in 2 years, Farley says

    Once Tesla has a competitor that can compete with them on high volume production, it will be interesting to see how they adapt to remain the leader. I have a feeling that Ford is going to sell a TON of F-150 Lightning and it will change the US market for sure.
  4. Mathington

    Inno 466 Cargo Box + Seasucker Mounts + Seasucker Monkey Bar Roof Rack installed on Mach-E

    Based on what I see on the Thule car selector for other SUV, a normal roof is a roof that doesn't have rails. It's not referring to Metal vs Glass roof. It is my understanding that since the Mach-E does not come with any roof rails, Normal is the only option.
  5. Mathington

    "Winter is coming"

    How did you find your range and consumption changed in those colder temperatures?
  6. Mathington

    FordPass 3.34.0 just released on iPhone

    I have never been able to get the car image to show up at all on my Fordpass app in iOS, I wonder why this is. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times and it has never shown up on an version of the app.
  7. Mathington

    OTA 1.7.1 Stuck, anyone else have issue updating?

    As I mentioned this in another thread here; my dealership has been having troubles installing 1.7.1 manually. I am very curious what could be causing this.
  8. Mathington

    [OTA] 1.7.1 Appears to be incoming

    @Ford Motor Company I have sent the information via PM as requested.
  9. Mathington

    Ford recall Notice being sent out via: Mail

    I just received my recall notice in the mail yesterday. Will have to wait until Nov 29th before I can call the dealer to schedule the repairs.
  10. Mathington

    [OTA] 1.7.1 Appears to be incoming

    My dealer has been trying to install the 1.7.1 update as part of the TSB to address some of the issues I was having and despite being in the shop twice, for two days each time, they have been unable to successfully perform all the updates to the car APIM. They say that the update almost...
  11. Mathington

    Ford BlueCruise OTA rollout delayed until Q1 2022

    Wow, only 512kbps on the CANBUS? That's painfully slow but perhaps they saved the other half of the bandwidth for regular operation of the car modules.
  12. Mathington

    Ford BlueCruise OTA rollout delayed until Q1 2022

    I don’t understand why the updates taste so long to install. 2-hours to download the software from Ford and then 4-8 hours to install? Is the hardware that underpowered that it takes 8 hours? Is this just lack of training or an actual issue with the car?
  13. Mathington

    Ford BlueCruise OTA rollout delayed until Q1 2022

    Yea, you would have thought there would be something in the OTA to check the current installed software/firmware version of the module. Perhaps this isn't true and the service reps aren't understanding what's actually causing the problem but it does make sense as to why they could have delayed...
  14. Mathington

    The windshield, roof recall went out last nite.

    I just got my notification for both recalls yesterday as well. I called the dealership to schedule the repair but apparently Ford Canada hasn't provided the information how the parts/procedures to do the repair.
  15. Mathington

    Ford BlueCruise OTA rollout delayed until Q1 2022

    Agreed. This would allow people who are desperately wanting the new update to have a way to get it while also not affecting people who don't care.
  16. Mathington

    Ford BlueCruise OTA rollout delayed until Q1 2022

    I am bummed out that the BC update has been delayed, I was really looking forward to using it on my commute. I really hope that the team at Ford can get their teams and development process optimized to make it better in the future and more agile in the future. I love my Mach-E and can't wait...
  17. Mathington

    Ford BlueCruise OTA rollout delayed until Q1 2022

    From what I have heard in speaking with people are various Ford service departments, Ford discovered an issue with OTA updates where it was not accounting for people who had their Mach-E software or modules updated at the dealership. It resulted in OTAs basically overwriting and reverting...
  18. Mathington

    Ford should have done this for us, like they are the Bronco holders

    This is really cool, I wonder why they aren't doing this for Mach-E. Is the Bronco also made in Mexico?
  19. Mathington

    Free FordPass Charging Network Credits in Canada?

    Petro-Canada is definitely the best in my area when it comes to price and high kW fast chargers.
  20. Mathington

    Free FordPass Charging Network Credits in Canada?

    It is too expensive. I have noticed that the Petro-Canada or BC Hydro stations are much cheaper for L3 DC fast charging but Electrify America is more common along the highway routes.