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    PaaK Maintenance / Outage Planned 11/28

    We all know there are software gremlins in our vehicles. It should be reassuring when they announce they are working on things. Announcing things like this is what we need to hear. Being kept in the dark (mushroom management) leads some to think nobody cares if we think it's glitchy.

    Customer Satisfaction Program 21P22 - Software Calibration Update

    I have never in 6 months received an OTA update, so I hope this fixes that. No 1.7.2 for me. I asked the service tech and he reports dealers can't do those. The steering is electric, so it is possible to change that as Engaged plays with that too. I also have the clicking noise on hard left...

    Axle clunk

    Mine too. Hard left. A clicking noise like the gravel sound. The steering is electric, so no hydraulic pressure release. Just add it to the weird things about the car.

    Mach-E GT purchase process and review — First Two Weeks

    I can relate to some of the issues expressed here. My voice wakeup responds to California. I thought it was my voice harmonics, but I was listening to NPR and someone said California and it muted the radio and said "Please try again". The Ford field engineers reported they are aware of the...

    Alexa integration coming soon to Ford Sync on Mach-E and F-150?

    I agree. I have the MME because of the techy toys. Currently the Alexa Ford app won't work with CarPlay, but it doesn't seem to work with CarPlay disconnected either. It would be nice to have an arrival sequence..."Alexa run arrival sequence". That would open the garage, turn on the lights, etc.

    SM 49810 - Buzz Noise From The Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC)

    You can see the piece I cut from the container and the placement.

    SM 49810 - Buzz Noise From The Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC)

    The buzz I heard was not electronic. It was a buzz coming from the screen area and seemed to be temperature sensitive. Now that it's cool weather the buzz was more constant. I found putting pressure on the passenger side of the screen eliminated the buzzing sound. Sooo, I took a small piece of a...

    This is why Ford will be conservative rolling out OTA updates

    Here are a couple of thoughts: OTA updates can be pushed out, but does Ford know if every vehicle has received it? A combo notification (email, FordPass, snail mail) if they can't confirm it was successfully received and implemented. Ford is going to use download, update, test or revert to...

    [OTA] 1.7.1 Appears to be incoming

    Yup, still waiting as well. The dealer tech said it is all updated and that 1.7 is an OTA. I asked why I haven't received any in almost 6 months. He claims I received a small one in July. News to me. I traded in my Note 10 for iPhone 13 Pro, and that has helped with PAAK. Not perfect, but...

    [OTA] 1.7.1 Appears to be incoming

    I have an Android phone, but the iPhone is being shipped tomorrow. Alexa with the FordPass skill did work "Alexa, ask fordpass to start the car" worked great. "Alexa ask fordpass to open the trunk" only unlocked it. I haven't tried windows yet.

    [OTA] 1.7.1 Appears to be incoming

    After 2 days at the dealer and updating (not 1.7 unfortunately) my FordPass that used to have the Frunk button (it didn't do anything) is now missing. On the fun side, I enabled the FordPass skill on Alexa and I'm testing that now.

    Getting attention

    I received a call two weeks ago stating the Ford engineers would be in town and wanted my car to evaluate. Wow great. They had it 2 days and I just picked it up. The engineers had left and gave the technician a list of things I had noted. From what the tech said Ford needs to hear multiple...

    [OTA] 1.7.1 Appears to be incoming

    Well, how do you know the version number? I just came from the dealer where the field engineer and the tech when through the car an updated all the modules, yet I don't have the new stuff. Mine is Version 10312 Revision 243.

    2022 Mach-E Price Changes and Orders have officially begun

    "Government buying rich people, large chunks of EV cars they buy... Who is tired of subsidizing wealthy folks to buy a Jaguar EV? Anyone?... " An amendment to the infrastructure bill would basically kill the tax credit incentives. As a retired guy, and not rich, I would not have purchased the...

    [OTA] 1.7.1 Appears to be incoming

    But did Job 1 get done? I looked at new fords the past couple of years. The showroom model the trim on the gear selector fell off and once the salesman closed the door, we couldn't open it. Two auto shows had trim falling off the door and the assist handle. I've put my trust in this new vehicle...

    iOS 15

    iPhone vs Android. The new iPhone 13 is launching tomorrow with very aggressive deals. I have a Samsung Note 10. The Android auto with FordPass is a disappointment (Phone gets hot and I have to wakeup the phone and make sure FordPass is front and center to get it to work. The FOB is much...

    Voice Control issues

    Mine responds to California. So NPR introduced someone from California and I heard "Please try again". Hysterical.

    Propulsion sound - V8 Mach E!

    People comment on how quiet EVs are, but I want to go further. My Lincoln had active noise reduction. That could be helpful with tire and road noise. I read Cadillac Lyric will incorporate NR.