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  1. Decided to cancelled Mach E for a Model Y

    I ordered both. Will see which one is better. And which one gets here first.
  2. Help me decide: Mach-E or Model Y

    We ordered both Mid-October. Wife Long Range Tesla Y…me Mach-E GTP grabber blue. Will drive both. Will post pros and cons when they get here someday.
  3. Infinite Blue Mach-E with Liquid Copper Stripes + Clear Bra + Ceramic Coating

    I wonder what orange would look like on Grabber Blue?
  4. No Tax Credit for my loaded GTPE?

    Years ago I bought a Prius. Got a tax deduction. Then they came back and charged me a tax because it was using less gas therefore not paying enough tax as non-hybrids to maintain the roads. Govt.
  5. Star White Premium De-Baged & Tinted

    The only Mach E i have seen in person was Space white. Its a cool color.
  6. Star White Premium De-Baged & Tinted

    I ordered a Grabber Blue. Gonna stripe it and replace the badges with Shelby Super Snakes on each side.
  7. PAAK - saved the day.

    Can you lock the car with the “keypad” with your keyflob inside?
  8. Differences between Mach-E GT and GT Performance Edition?

    Thats why I ordered GTP. Maybe not much of a difference but didnt wanna risk it.
  9. Question about Ordering Codes.

    What do these mean: Order Code 161 priority Code 19 Price level 215
  10. Destination and Delivery Charge? Deposit and ID Question

    That all makes sense. Its the evolution of going to the online only model like Tesla for new cars. Make dealers have buyers before the manufacturers ship them. Would work for high demand vehicles for sure. Eventually it could get interesting for the Bricks and Mortars. Stock a few of everything...
  11. Destination and Delivery Charge? Deposit and ID Question

    My order confirmed by Ford had MSRP pricing. No premium. I hope they dont try any funny business when and if it arrives.
  12. GTPE has been scheduled

    My order was sent 10/8 and confirmed by Ford 10/21. Thats the last I heard. Grabber Blue GTP with glass roof, 360, etc. Hope I am not far behind you.
  13. Destination and Delivery Charge? Deposit and ID Question

    They said that they are cracking down on dealers ordering for people that do not exist. Speculating they can sell them at a premium to someone. Made sense to me. Its been 4 weeks and they have not cashed the check. Local Ford Dealership I have bought from before.
  14. Destination and Delivery Charge? Deposit and ID Question

    My order included a $1100 Destination and Delivery Charge. Signed the order got a confirmation from Ford. Put $1500 down via check that they said they will not cash until time of delivery. Also had to have a matching Drivers license to make sure the dealer is not ordering vehicles speculating...
  15. Ordered my 2022 GTPE. Super Stoked!!!

    I ordered Grabber Blue. Then say a white one...then a Orange. Hope I don't regret my color choice. Have not seen on in person yet.