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  1. Model Y Critically Flawed

    I recently rented a Tesla for two weeks while my Fusion was being repaired and can confirm this 100%. I would be driving on an empty highway (autopilot/any type of cruise control NOT engaged) and the car would start freaking out and breaking for no you think it can see ghost?
  2. GT Build Week 10/4 October 4

    So, only reason I know is becasue I have done it before. I work as a salesman for the dealership so here in Houston as long as you call ahead and have something on dealership letterhead stating you can take the vehicle then they will let you take the vehicle. They would not let a normal customer...
  3. GT Build Week 10/4 October 4

    Ok, I am hoping my dealership lets me pick it up from the Houston railyard so I do not have to wait that week. If it does not get off chip hold and ship this week I will have a hard time getting it before the end of the year. Thank you for your help.
  4. GT Build Week 10/4 October 4

    Between the time it shipped from Mexico and arrived at the dealership, how long would you say it took?
  5. Ford aims to double EV production capacity in 2 years, Farley says

    How about lets focus on getting that first batch out brother.
  6. Chip shortages

    I wish they would have given us the options to choose to a build that required less chips. For example, you can order an F-150 without the auto start/stop right now. Ford did this simply because it meant less chips. I can guarantee id have my Mach-E right now if it did not have blue cruise but...
  7. Links to help you track your Mach-E order

    Correct no scheduling but the trackers will still update if a vehicle is already in transit.
  8. Links to help you track your Mach-E order

    Ford normally updates Thursday around noon.
  9. New models

    The camera on the windshield is for the adaptive cruise control/ AEB.
  10. Ford, why do reservations not have priority?

    I would like to clarify the priority code situation as there seems to be mixed consensus on this matter. Priority code 10 and priority code 19 are the same thing just different order types. For example, my dealership uses priority code for fleet orders and priority code 19 for retail orders...
  11. Ordered recently and will I get MME 2022?

    Yes, it will be a 2022. If you somehow were able to order a 2021, Fords system would automatically roll it to a 2022.
  12. Anybody get a different MME than ordered?

    It is 100% the dealerships fault. The way Fords order system is set up makes it pretty much impossible for the wrong vehicle to be ordered. If it was Fords fault, you would be getting a brand new Mach-E with expedited status which means you would have it in a month or less.
  13. GT Build Week 10/4 October 4

    No, only the dealership can see if it is on chip hold by checking vehicle visibility.
  14. GT Build Week 10/4 October 4

    Mine has shown "in production 10/04 and has not changed since. It wend into official chip hold on 10/16. Even though it was produced the week of 10/04 they waited two weeks before putting it on hold to get the max delay it seems :/ . I wish I was one of those people who have experienced zero...
  15. First week with GTPE, it was not over-hyped

    I found out to late to make any real difference with my tax liability. What color is your Mach-E
  16. First week with GTPE, it was not over-hyped

    Its non-refundable so I would not get it anyway
  17. Does anyone have Cyber Orange with Space Gray interior??

    Unfortunately you will not see that until the 2022s start to show up. They are taking orders but have not started building them yet. Try looking again this spring.
  18. First week with GTPE, it was not over-hyped

    What color is yours? I will pay you $1,000 over what you paid for it.
  19. GT Build Week 10/4 October 4

    Nope no news at all. Ford has gone silent on me. I feel like the more I try the worse it gets.
  20. Mach E Order was Cancelled (By Dealer or Ford), what should I do?

    The way Ford is doing it is super weird. They are only doing this for the Broncos and Mach-Es. Every other vehicle has to be switched over manually. Whole thing has been a mess.