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  1. 5" stripes! Should I paint my calipers?

    I feel the same as Murse-in-Airy. I'm 75 and have bought many new cars of all types and I think your stripes add a cool touch for now plus it adds to marketability when you eventually move to your next car.
  2. Starting to get worried now lol

    Vulnox is giving good advice. I'd follow it and you'll know where you stand.
  3. -35F\-37C Real World Mach-E Range Test. What could go wrong?

    A herculean post, by gosh. Thanks for the effort and humor.
  4. When It Rains It Pours (in the Garage)

    I have exactly the same experience with my 2018 Honda Clarity PHEV and I thought something was leaking, but I think it is the new normal with EVs that have serious aerodynamic sculpting differences that create channels, nooks and niches we are not used to.
  5. 🧀 Meet "Mach N Cheese" my Cyber Orange GTPE 🧀

    What a terrific post!
  6. Mach-E only electric SUV with “above average reliability” says Consumer Reports

    That is exactly my own experience with Consumer Reports. I have stopped using them as a guide for large purchases.
  7. What level 2 charger is everyone purchasing for home use?

    For 2.5 years I've been using a 32 amp portable EVSE plugged into a 240V outlet for my Honda Clarity PHEV. Works fine, no issues. I did a lot of research on EVSE options and a month ago I installed the ChargePoint Home Flex in anticipation of my recently ordered MME. I got a $400 credit from my...