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  1. ChargedCheese

    Custom Vanity Plates - What's Yours?

    Don't forget that sometime next year, the "standard" plate for us will be this: Vanity plates will remove the stupid lightning bolt in the middle, but if you want the standard green plates, you'll need to register before this one comes out. Reference...
  2. ChargedCheese

    PSA - DO NOT UPDATE to 3.35.0 on Android if using PaaK without a FOB

    Just wanted to add my name to the list. Got back from vacation yesterday and PaaK worked fine. Once we got home and my phone hit wifi, Ford Pass auto updated, and I was locked out this morning. I gained entry with the keypad and used the password to drive to work today - it took about 5 start...
  3. ChargedCheese

    Infinite Blue Mach-E with Liquid Copper Stripes + Clear Bra + Ceramic Coating

    I don't think I could be more jealous. That is stunning.
  4. ChargedCheese

    Subaru electric SUV to be called Solterra, arrives in 2022

    It won't be any of the Japan companies for sure. One thing people don't talk about when BEV in Japan conversations happen is that most houses have no more than 60A service to the whole house. (I had to upgrade my house from 40 to 60) To go beyond 60A, you usually need to upgrade your whole...
  5. ChargedCheese

    What value are dealerships adding to the purchase experience?

    They're adding the amazing value of selling your info to all the insurance scam artists in the US. (I'm looking at you Blue Springs Ford)
  6. ChargedCheese

    Electrify America just screwed I’m waiting for a tow.

    My experience is the same. While I do think EA needs to just work better, they have taken the next best step which is making their customer support quick, effective, and easy to reach. I couldn't activate a station once because my cell signal was all sorts of screwed up (completely not EA's...
  7. ChargedCheese

    Ford Power-Up 1.8.0, who has seen it?

    Yes. and... I'm just trying to be funny, but I'll admit, I don't know how the reaction system works. If the angry face gives you negative points, let me know - I'll fix it. FWIW, PEANUT ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤪🤪🤪
  8. ChargedCheese

    Kick to Open Liftgate Stopped Working

    I have not; I'll take a look at it after work.
  9. ChargedCheese

    Kick to Open Liftgate Stopped Working

    This weekend, my phone was in the center console, but my wife had the FOB in her bag/on her person when she was unsuccessfully trying to kick it open. When I was loaded down on groceries, my phone was in my pocket and my wife was loading the kids into the car (open doors) - still no luck.
  10. ChargedCheese

    Kick to Open Liftgate Stopped Working

    It would be so great if this were the case for us. We have toddlers, so I back the car out of the garage before we start piling in. Even with the car on I can't get the dumb thing to work.
  11. ChargedCheese

    Kick to Open Liftgate Stopped Working

    So my wife actually got the lift gate to work with her foot once this weekend. Considering that these other troubleshooting steps didn't work, I'm pretty confident that we just have a very weak sensor that needs to be re-calibrated or replaced. I guess I'm stuck waiting for Autonation to get...
  12. ChargedCheese

    Kick to Open Liftgate Stopped Working

    I'm using PaaK and my wife is using FOB - neither one of us can get it to open with our feet.
  13. ChargedCheese

    Kick to Open Liftgate Stopped Working

    As some of you know, my car was in the shop (Autonation) for a week waiting for a new tire. During that time, I tried to get them to update firmware as well as take a look at my liftgate. The kick to open worked initially, and now it doesn't - it is not disabled in Sync. I got it back with the...
  14. ChargedCheese

    Explained: The Thermal Problem with Mach-E

    I had the Microsoft Zune...
  15. ChargedCheese

    EV Charging Wasteland

    I thought the same thing when I saw that photo. At least the pizza is good (for gas station pizza) - we picnicked under the tree (roughly where the photographer was standing in this picture) while the car was charging. The twins loved it.
  16. ChargedCheese

    Two new bugs

    Google maps pushes for me 👍 Fingers crossed.
  17. ChargedCheese

    Two new bugs

    I can't speak on your first issue because Waze is absolute GARBAGE in Denver. The second one however, I run into this on my car regularly. What I have noticed happening is it won't always clear out the previous trip, so what you are possibly seeing is your current trip combined with the...
  18. ChargedCheese

    Protective plastic sheeting question

    They do love it. Who doesn't? Its oddly mesmerizing.
  19. ChargedCheese

    Who else is excited waiting for snow?

    Its in the manual in the explanation of modes. Whisper is for high efficiency and snow or something along those lines.