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  1. AKPat

    -35F\-37C Real World Mach-E Range Test. What could go wrong?

    This has me thinking that a diesel coolant heater could be very useful for EVs in such extreme temps. Could be used to precondition the vehicle/battery when not plugged in, and provide heat during driving to save range. The Espar and Planar hydronic units are very fuel efficient. They can put...
  2. AKPat

    -35F\-37C Real World Mach-E Range Test. What could go wrong?

    Here are a couple of pics from this afternoon. It warmed up to 10 degrees today, but it was still showing about a third of the graph grayed out.
  3. AKPat

    -35F\-37C Real World Mach-E Range Test. What could go wrong?

    John, thanks for taking the time to run this experiment and write it up. I don’t miss those 40 below Fairbanks nights… I will add an observation from my GT which I have had for less than a month in our cold spell we are having in Anchorage (only 10-15 below) this week. The power meter on the...
  4. AKPat

    🧀 Meet "Mach N Cheese" my Cyber Orange GTPE 🧀

    Nice shots, looks great! Good call on debadging the doors, I had mine removed when I hade the PPF/ceramic done as well.
  5. AKPat

    First GTPE in AK!

    Reserved December ‘19, Ordered 5/5/21. It’s been fun in the snow (after getting the snowshoes strapped on)!
  6. AKPat

    First GTPE in AK!

    Here is my timeline: Reserved: 12/2019 Ordered: 5/5/2021 Production start: 8/19/2021 Built: 9/14/2021 (delayed at plant due to chip shortage) Shipped: 9/18/2021 Arrived at Kansas City rail yard: 9/30/2021 Arrived at dealer (ANC): 10/26/2021
  7. AKPat

    GT Performance Edition winter tires

    Got to give my winter tires/wheels a real test today…. Continental Viking Contact 7 245/45r20 on Velox wheels.
  8. AKPat

    GT and GTPE brakes are NOT the same?

    I pulled the left front wheel on my GTPE to test fit my winter wheels. Here are some photos of the caliper label and some rough measurement. Will try to get better measurements when I install the winter tires this weekend.
  9. AKPat

    Husky Liners

    Did you ever get your liners? Would like to see actual photos of them installed if possible. Thanks!
  10. AKPat

    First GTPE in AK!

    Not too far off…looks like we are getting a dusting of snow tonight. Going to have to be careful with these summer tires until I can my winter tires next week.
  11. AKPat

    First GTPE in AK!

    Yep, Space White. Was a little nervous ordering it, as I had only seen it is person on a F150 and wasn’t totally impressed with it on the truck. I‘m very happy with in on the MME.
  12. AKPat

    First GTPE in AK!

    After a long wait, I got to bring my GTPE home tonight. Dealer says I have the first one Alaska. It was dark when I left the dealership so this is the best pic until tomorrow….
  13. AKPat

    GTPE Finally arrived at Dealership...pick-up tomorrow!

    Congrats!!! Just got home from picking mine up as well! These things are a kick in the pants. 😃 And can confirm that the plate bracket was left in the truck per my request.
  14. AKPat

    Mach-E Aftermarket wheel and tire information and pictures

    I‘m in the same boat, but my GTPE should be arrive here in AK berore the end of the month. Check out this thread: No definitive word yet if 19”s will fit….I think 18 is a definite no go. We arleady have snow...
  15. AKPat

    GT Performance Edition Wheel Specs

    Thank you for the additional photos. Nice wheels by the way!
  16. AKPat

    GT Performance Edition Wheel Specs

    Thanks for posting these details. Wondering your thoughts on if you think 19” wheels will clear the brake calipers after you have played with these during your wheel project. My GTPE is due to be delivered to me in Anchorage ( eta is (10/27) about the time we normally have our permanent winter...
  17. AKPat

    Mach-E Charges at Alaska’s first CCS DC Charger

    Unfortunately my GT is held up in the chip delays, and my estimated delivery date is now 10/31....
  18. AKPat

    Multiple Mach-E GTs have reached Kansas City!

    Yep, in production date of 8/19 and had a delivery date of 10/5. Went to 10/31 this morning....
  19. AKPat

    SPACE WHITE Mach-E Club

    The door badges are coming off my Space white GT right after its delivered in 43 days (fingers crossed)...then straight to get PPF and ceramic coated just in time for the snow;).
  20. AKPat

    GT Mach-E ordering starts next week - 4/28! Who's ordering?

    My window sticker just showed up in the tracker this morning! Fully loaded Space White GTPE, production week 8/16.