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  1. Mach-E GT purchase process and review — First Two Weeks

    Awesome to see a fellow non-owner (as of yet) dispense detailed and probably very accurate advice by virtue of having hung out on these forums. Hope you receive your car soon and enjoy every minute driving it.
  2. The dealer ask for $10K markup on my mach e online order

    I ordered a Premium SR as well end of July'21 and the car arrived at Muncie earlier this week. So I am not surprised seeing the short lead time on your car. The "Dealer Selling Price" evidently refers to "Price the dealer is willing to sell the vehicle for in a purchase transaction and...
  3. 10/11 build week gang

    My ordered Mach-E was delivered to Muncie today per palsapp. Original expected delivery date range was 12/10-12/16. Have a 3-week trip coming up on 11/27, so what are the odds I would receive the car within 2 weeks here in San Diego?
  4. November 3rd 2021 Revised Tax incentives for EVs from House of Reps.

    By law, you can refuse to purchase and you get your deposit back (unless it is explicitly stated it is a non-refundable deposit at the time of placing the order, which it is not). That is how dealers are marking up prices for canceled orders. I got my $500 deposit back after I declined to...
  5. Security cam

    Was wondering if something like this could be installed to enable security on the cheap when the car is parked outside home. Get a WiFi camera (like the ones used for home security, starting at $30 or less), attach it facing a window (front, rear, side, or all), power it up via USB - using a...
  6. November 3rd 2021 Revised Tax incentives for EVs from House of Reps.

    $9K now. MYLR price going up every time you blink. Fed tax credits should follow suit ...
  7. November 3rd 2021 Revised Tax incentives for EVs from House of Reps.

    I see. So regardless of when the bill is passed (assuming prior to Dec 2022), the 1-car limit rule will apply retroactively to the entire 2022 tax year. Thanks.
  8. November 3rd 2021 Revised Tax incentives for EVs from House of Reps.

    How about the 1-vehicle limit for tax credit purposes? If I buy 1 qualifying EV *before* the bill is passed (say, purchase in Feb 2022, bill is passed Mar 2022), can I still buy another qualifying EV in 2022 and avail of a 2-car tax credit for 2022?
  9. 10/11 build week gang

    Questions for the forum gang. My order status page says "Shipped - estimated delivery between 12/10-12/16/21". Next Action "Get Ready for Delivery" Assuming the above delivery date turns out to be true: 1) By how many days can I postpone taking delivery? Is there a Ford policy that the...

    Now those on the fence trying to decide between the MachE and the Model Y have their answer.
  11. Do not buy a Mach E if you're expecting a high tech car

    The MME can close in on Tesla (as it stands today) in terms of tech, except for the computer vision-assisted Autopilot/FSD and to some extent, battery technology. The remaining gap can be closed with additional HW (not expensive) and half-decent SW to control and connect them - none of which is...
  12. 10/11 build week gang

    Build week 10/11, built 10/27. Estimated delivery 12/9-12/15. Does this mean it is fully built out with no missing chips? And how many days after it arrives at the dealer lot can I have them wait prior to purchase (or is it up to the dealer)?
  13. Ford BlueCruise OTA rollout delayed until Q1 2022

    Dunno which freeway this is, but BC seemed to work just fine on this 2-lane highway, crushing curves at 80mph. Not Tesla-smooth, but good enough for rookie BC. Perhaps certain highways work better on BC than others?
  14. Ford BlueCruise OTA rollout delayed until Q1 2022

    Ford is doing this because they can, thanks to the messed up demand-supply situation. If all currently manufacturered EVs were readily available today, normal competitive market forces would rule, and Ford would have nowhere near the same leverage they do now dishing out crappy SW and tying...
  15. Mod Heavy Weekend!

    That looks just gorgeous. Your GT's gonna get love letters.
  16. Help me decide: Mach-E or Model Y

    I hear projector lamps are generally less distracting for oncoming drivers than reflector headlights. YMMV.
  17. Help me decide: Mach-E or Model Y

    Might also be related to demand being higher on the Premium. For me, having projector headlights on the Premium outweighed all other Premium features and sold me on the P vs. the cheaper CARt1.
  18. Desperate for help with dealership - Ford Options Plan

    Btw, how is the finance charge of $2952.74 calculated? If amount financed = 45071.29 minus balloon payment = $24753.29 net, then with an APR of 2.25% on the 24.7K, we are nowhere close to 2.9K in interest charges, it comes out to around 2.3K.
  19. Help me decide: Mach-E or Model Y

    If Ford can add side door cameras w/ sentry mode, dog mode, and remote live camera feed for the 2023 model, then the MME might be a better buy, most day-to-day things considered. For the next several years, Tesla is still likely to lead in terms of 0-60 acceleration, safety, battery tech...
  20. Blue Cruise Availability Date

    That's good to know, maybe Ford is just being a tad conservative in the initial go-around with BC. There is potential to significantly scale up hands-free freeway driving utilizing just one front-facing camera - just look at what has done with Openpilot.