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  1. New Module Updates in FDRS FE MME from Dec, 2020

    I'm headed out soon. Tell us how it goes if you call help line. Maybe a 12V cold boot, or worst case re-install FJDS. Good luck!
  2. Rear wiper blade - longer replacement?

    Consider removing the center rear passenger headrest too, as per @B25Nut. Huge difference in the rear view!
  3. New Module Updates in FDRS FE MME from Dec, 2020

    See update on installed VCI software below - yes, Mongoose. I do not remember VCI, but it has been some weeks since I set it up. I was surprised that I needed to install the entire FJDS program, not just FDRS, and the Mongoose drivers. This is what I see when I start FDRS (I probably should...
  4. New Module Updates in FDRS FE MME from Dec, 2020

    I wonder what Fix fault and retest means? Are you able to test all modules, clear all codes, back to all green four circles at the top of the page? Maybe try to call the Ford Motorcraft software help line. There are help numbers, I think on the pages just before we pay the license fee. After...
  5. Customer Satisfaction Program 21P22 - Software Calibration Update

    yes, here were the updates, which included PCM, SOBDM, and SOBDMC.
  6. Dumbest fuse box design ever (rant mode)

    Whenever my radio resets, Sync4 brings up 540 AM with a lot of loud static and crackle. Probably different from what you saw, but maybe worth a quick check.
  7. How to Recondition/Service Your 12V Battery

    The 10A load test is complete. My one year old LVB, despite all of the minor problems MME has had properly maintaining it from time to time (including the 12V LVB Sync4 and FordPass warnings to get 12V service), is fine. Note that I did Recondition/Service my 12V Battery before all of this...
  8. "System stopped to save battery"

    I have had minor problems with my 12V battery and have seen this message too. I also do a lot of short trips, and occasionally 180 mile trips. The good news is that I am presently learning about testing the MME 12V AGM, and so far testing on the bench (I got a spare which is now in MME) shows...
  9. Dumbest fuse box design ever (rant mode)

    There are some strange tabs that have to be disengaged to fully remove the cover in the footwell interior box: "Study the pictures, because it is important to realize that the back...
  10. How to Recondition/Service Your 12V Battery

    MME 12V LVB ampere hour (Ah) test underway at 2A. Should know something by tomorrow midday, will update this post. The Pomona 2948 series patch cords are 2 ft #18 wire (used to do precision measurements work years back, they have beryllium copper springs, brass body, all gold plated, pretty...
  11. Another ID.4 vs Mach-E thread

    Excellent! never occurred to me, just took it off today, great idea.
  12. How to Recondition/Service Your 12V Battery

    Just a brief look at the terminals. I am no big defender of them, I find the clear coat over gold plate offensive, not to mention the thin layer of copper between the thin layer of gold like coating and whatever silver colored mystery alloy makes the bulk of them. That said, I used a dremel...
  13. How to Recondition/Service Your 12V Battery

    Agree, it looks like a bench test for a good capacity test. I will study your notes, some of high R might be that I am using regular test leads and Pomona banana cords for the current path (150 milliohms or so both ways), but the clips are on the test points in different locations on the lugs...
  14. New Module Updates in FDRS FE MME from Dec, 2020

    If you go back to the page where it lists updates to be done, do you still see the ones giving you the problem on the list? If it got stuck, but really updated, that module might drop off the update list?
  15. The Complete DIY Guide to Updating Your Mach-E with FDRS (Alternative to Forscan)

    It's almost like the 21st century version of ham radio, we all have our own customized rigs!
  16. The Complete DIY Guide to Updating Your Mach-E with FDRS (Alternative to Forscan)

    I like the pl2320 a lot for battery charging, it is light easy to move around and set up. Setting up the pl6100 is a bit of a chore. heavy cables, and I keep mine in the original box, so packing / unpacking. Plus now that it is cold (unheated garage), I run fan over everything in the heated...
  17. New Module Updates in FDRS FE MME from Dec, 2020

    From my limited experience, it is fine if the DC/DC converter is running, it does during some updates, not during others. Also, I doubt it matters, but check that you are running the latest version of FDRS (sorry, I see the version, latest). Confirm you are not plugged into a L2 charger...
  18. FordPower-Up 1.7.1 followed by Stop Safely Now.

    At least for MME off (resting), the DC/DC converter comes on when the LVB falls though 11.9V. (one test only, so only a preliminary indication at about 45F, temperature may factor in)
  19. New Module Updates in FDRS FE MME from Dec, 2020

    What was the reported LVB voltage lower right hand corner? No issue like that here. I would shut everything off, restart, be sure you have your power supply or charger set above 13V, and the same number in the lower right corner of the FDRS screen. Then test all modules, clear and test to all...
  20. How to Recondition/Service Your 12V Battery

    Final report on the float test for the one year old LVB removed from MME. After some 35 hours on the bench powered at 13.65V, the current actually dropped to the same value as the new one, about 32 mA.