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  1. tman

    Mach-E GT purchase process and review — First Two Weeks

    Just got my GT a week ago also and I am loving it. I may have an explanation for the 'brake grinding' noise. See, EVs are so quiet, they can 'sneak up' on pedestrians and such, so all EVs are required to generate noise at low speeds for people to notice and hear. It's literally coming out of a...
  2. tman

    MME GT "Crowley" delivered in Austin TX

    Brought my MME GT home yesterday! Pix of the happy arrival! Drives like a dream and I can't wipe the smile off my face at all. Gave a couple of friends a chance to drive and they are the same. I might have inspired an order - we'll have to see. ;)
  3. tman

    How to Recondition/Service Your 12V Battery

    Great write up - thanks for the info for 'we who are still waiting'! I have a buddy who swears by 'Red Top' batteries and is now getting interested in Lithium batteries from Do you know anything about these?
  4. tman

    Do you name your cars?

    No, of course not! Vacuum cleaners suck.... Cars are fun and inspiring!
  5. tman

    Definitely not how I wanted the evening to start 😞😞

    That sucks man, but at least nobody got hurt. Good luck with insurance and repairs.
  6. tman

    Spare tire info

    I understand the worry though I don't need one for myself. However, there's one caveat I'd like to throw in. This vehicle is HEAVY. When you consider how you will swap out the wheel & tire, you need to also give some serious thought to how you will get that wheel in the air for the swap. For...
  7. tman

    Additional payment of principal balance for Ford Options

    My car is getting close, so I am (re)reading the Ford Options threads a bit closer this weekend. I have enough cash to buy the MME outright, but I wouldn't mind putting some of that towards other uses. Say I finance using Options, put down the max allowed (currently 45%?), select a term and...
  8. tman


    Yeah, this thread has done exactly what you wanted it to do, didn't it? :rolleyes: 👏 [Obligatory eyeroll emoji for @GoGoGadgetMachE] I have transported a 12' long by 10' wide rolled carpet remnant home from a store in my Mini Cooper. It was hangin out the back hatchback and actually sticking...
  9. tman


    I have done that in a Mini Cooper.
  10. tman

    Strange times......

    My MME is 'predicted' to arrive at the dealer in 7-10 days. I can mooch rides with my wife and that gives time for the check to clear into my account. There's a Chevy dealer here in Austin who will buy your car for $500 more than your Carmax offer and Carmax gave me the highest offer (tried...
  11. tman

    Strange times......

    Today I sold my 2021 Honda Accord Hybrid, with 3000 miles on it that I purchased new 5 months ago, for $1670 over MSRP. I paid less than MSRP for it, so I actually made money on it after TTL. Hell, I probably still made money after insurance and gas (yay hybrid!). The only car I have ever made...
  12. tman

    Do you name your cars?

    Almost always! Some previous names - Rowena - Red Honda Accord named for notorious flame haired witch from "Supernatural" Jules - Alfa Romeo Giulia The Sleigh - Red Ford C-Max because it was soooo much bigger than Preston Preston - Mini Cooper S Name for my MME is in the sig
  13. tman

    Is there any way to turn the AC on/off with a voice command?

    That's funny that you and Patrick @Mach-E VLOG both forgot this video! Blucifer must have clouded your memory of anything that happened while you were without him. Demons are quite 'possessive' you know! 🤪
  14. tman

    Is there any way to turn the AC on/off with a voice command?

    Patrick and Liv from Mach-E VLOG have a video on all the voice commands:
  15. tman

    Did a few cheap interior and exterior things to my Iconic silver Mach-E GT

    I always did love those wheels when I had that 2017 Giulia. But I don't hate the GT wheels I am going to have someday!
  16. tman

    Anyone gotten a ridiculous buy offer for your used MME?

    Y'all are getting me very excited. My GT is supposed to get delivered the last week of Oct and I was going to start next week on getting prices for my 2021 Honda Accord Touring Hybrid. Bought it in May for $36K and it has about 3000 miles on it now.
  17. tman

    Super sad the performance seats are so much worse.

    I wonder if the Premium seats are compatible enough to swap with them? I'm sure you could find another MME owner who would trade you if they could easily unbolt and change.
  18. tman

    What do you store in the lower center cubby/bin?

    How well does the stuff you keep in there stay put during 'spirited' cornering?
  19. tman

    2022 Mach-E "Ice White Edition" appearance package coming Fall 2021

    When I see the colors available on Mustang coupes and even the frickin Lightning, it just hurts my feelings to look at the weak ass colors we have to pick from with the Mach-E. They have the colors, they just don't let us have them.
  20. tman

    Mach-E eAWD Diagonal Test -- Better than most SUV!

    Yep, same here - it's a big problem for many cars.