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  1. chrisGT

    Free Electrify America Charging through 11/29

    I charged today and it was free. EA did not initiate the P&C authorization. I had also charged another EV at a previous free long weekend, same thing, no authorization happened. However I noticed that both times the charging speed was very slow, no more than 30KWh which can be a problem if you...
  2. chrisGT

    PSA - DO NOT UPDATE to 3.35.0 on Android if using PaaK without a FOB

    @dsuyang I worked and I currently work for major software companies. All of them have code and release freezes during holidays because they know that engineers won't be around to fix bugs. I suggest that you adopt that strategy as well. A release during Thanksgiving week can only bring...
  3. chrisGT

    PSA - DO NOT UPDATE to 3.35.0 on Android if using PaaK without a FOB

    Another thing that was missed between the lines is that roadside assistance was of no assistance in this case. PaaK not working and the backup code not showing up either is a car failure in my opinion and Ford and their roadside assistance representatives should own it. I am not sure if they can...
  4. chrisGT

    PSA - DO NOT UPDATE to 3.35.0 on Android if using PaaK without a FOB

    If you are truly the lead of the Android dev team, don't you have access to monitoring data to see number of successful Paak usages today? Do you see a drop in the number after the release? Also do you have a test environment/simulator? Can you test the scenario where you have Paak set up in...
  5. chrisGT

    PSA - DO NOT UPDATE to 3.35.0 on Android if using PaaK without a FOB

    I updated my previous post. Basically if that is true, it implies they are far behind in software operations compared to major software companies. See my post for why.
  6. chrisGT

    PSA - DO NOT UPDATE to 3.35.0 on Android if using PaaK without a FOB

    I really doubt it. When you work for a big company typically you are not allowed to make public comments or statements in forums or social media. Everything has to go through the PR department. Also major software companies have oncall software engineers who look on these major issues ASAP...
  7. chrisGT

    -35F\-37C Real World Mach-E Range Test. What could go wrong?

    Great write up. I live in a warmer climate but it was very educational to read your post. Thank you! I have read that Teslas consume more parasitic power when standing at cold than what a 120V charger can provide, so that was interesting to see that the MME gained SoC while plugged to 120...
  8. chrisGT

    Ariya reservations

    I was expecting something more both in terms of range and performance from the creators of the Leaf (years of EV experience). The upper trim costs almost like a MME GT but its performance is lacking a lot and it has slightly less range.
  9. chrisGT

    My Mach-E “Gas” Pump

    Looks good but is this real rust? I would be a little worried of getting tetanus if scratched by the rusty parts :)
  10. chrisGT

    Charging on the left - what was Ford thinking?

    The car should not be drivable when a charger is plugged in. I haven't tried with the MME but another EV I had would not move (no D or R) if a charger was plugged in.
  11. chrisGT

    Charging on the left - what was Ford thinking?

    They should put two charging ports, one on each side like the Taycan. When I owned the Taycan I used to charge mostly on the passenger side because that was more reachable on the public chargers I used. I used the driver side port very few times. So the OP has a point.
  12. chrisGT

    First major failure at 2100 miles

    Please file an online NHTSA complaint if you live in the US. I am coming from a Taycan and your story reminds me the software problems I and many other Taycans owners had with cars losing automotive power while driving and a reboot 20 mins later would fix it. First there were a few reports in...
  13. chrisGT

    [Guide] Better Jump Point Access (Battery Access)

    This is very neat and useful. You can charge Mach-e owners to do the same thing for their car. I would pay for it.
  14. chrisGT

    GT Range issues

    Same here. Highway speeds and using E-heat are range killerd. The range for long distance trips is disappointing. If you drive only in the city with a lot of stop and go you might see 270.
  15. chrisGT

    Frustrated: Battery Issue, going on four weeks to fix

    Check and consider the lemon law at your state.
  16. chrisGT

    TheSmokingTire Mach-E GT PE Review - Canyon Carving

    Tldr; Ford please make MagnaRide and sport seats ala carte options for all trims Also create an individual mode where we can select the steering weight, suspension comfort, throttle response and regen intensity as we like.
  17. chrisGT

    My Delivery Story….some might say it’s a tragedy

    What was the difference between GT and GTPE that made you choose the PE? Was it the suspension or the extra torque (is it even noticeable)? Almost everything else is the same.
  18. chrisGT

    Will Mach-E GT get OTA updates to make it faster?

    In my opinion the GT has plenty of power and doesn't need more at least for street driving. It is already spinning the wheels when pushed hard and it doesn't put all of its power down as smoothly as possible. Where it is lacks to be at next level (i.e compete with Porsche instead of Tesla) is -...
  19. chrisGT

    Electrical Grid Argument Against EVs rebuttal

    There is some truthful to what your friends say. Where I live when there is a heat wave and everyone uses their AC there are outages and burnt-out overloaded transformers. Clearly the electrical network does not have the capacity to support the extra load in some areas. Also when I charge at...
  20. chrisGT

    Can't deal with the bouncy ride anymore after two weeks with the Mach-E. What do I do?

    This video also confirms the problem check 27:40 -28:20. This is exactly how I feel about the suspension of the GT