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  1. First impressions, videos, pics from Mach-E Road Show in Vermont

    I’d bet that 4880 is very close.
  2. Video: Navigating through Mach-E SYNC 4A screens, menus, options, features

    trulife27, could you give us a couple of words regarding Wireless App Projection under the Connectivity menu? Would this be something like Apple’s Airplay, that would allow me to cast my phone screen onto a portion of the MME screen?

    Thanks for the heads up. I had been waiting for a 2021 Lincoln Aviator to reach a local dealer lot. Went to see an IB Explorer today. One word review: Relieved. It definitely doesn’t photograph as nicely as it looks IRL. Not sure what my dealer thinks of my flipping from IB to RR and back...
  4. First impressions, videos, pics from Mach-E Road Show in Vermont

    Manufacturer specification charts include an automobile's gross vehicle weight rating — usually referred to as its GVWR. The GVWR is an auto's maximum safe weight that should not be exceeded. Weight calculations include curb weight, additional equipment that's been added, the weight of cargo and...
  5. Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    One still needs to open the phone, go into the scanning app and initiate scanning.
  6. Allocation Spot and Scheduled for Production?

    If the dealer thinks he can get $5k in ADM he should be willing to return the deposit & pay you $3k to give up your spot.
  7. Ford Range Increase Coming?

    Please point to these demeaning posts so they can be addressed and so we can shun their authors.
  8. Forbes MME vs Y

    If you don't have $7500 laying around you should not be considering the MY or MME
  9. Allocation Spot and Scheduled for Production?

    Why would Ford want more complexity in production If they can sell out their battery supply? The glass roof give Even 2% off MSRP isn't a couple of thousand until you hit 100k.
  10. Questionable Tesla Assertions

    It is silting in and will be a non-issue within three years.

    So that changes the kWh used. .13 x 68 = 8.84 range same 40/8.84 = 4.524 km per kWh 2.8 miles per kWH Same as hard driving Kyle. 355 Wh/mile

    rough numbers. 13% of 88 kWh = 11.44 kWH 268/.87= 308km so ~40 km driven on the track 40/11.44= 3.5 km per kWh or 2.175 miles per kWh (460 Wh/mile) Kyle from out of spec motoring averaged 2.8 miles per kWh over 56000 miles with his M3 Driving it hard on the track as well as cross country and a...
  13. Ford Launches Mach-E U.S. Road Tour [Register Inside]

    Ford has scheduled a stop south of the Mason-Dixon Line already and I expect stops in the Confederate States will follow.
  14. Is the Mach-E really 7 years behind Tesla?

    I feel sad for you.
  15. Production runs & line output guesstimates

    OKTB is O.K. To Buy, in other words everything checks out with the cars that have been assembled and it is o.k. for them to be sold to the public FCTP The Ford Courtesy Transportation Program. These are units purchased by dealers to use as loaners & demonstration vehicles. They may be sold to...
  16. Is the Mach-E really 7 years behind Tesla?

    Good one. Switch the ball, maybe he won’t notice. Geothermal systems are not heat pumps that draw heat from the air. Are you planning to park your EV over a well? I know modern heat pumps and my statements are accurate. Improvements in efficiencies have improved them over heat pumps of 30...
  17. The Frunk drain is automatic

    Ten feet of silicone tubing and some twist ties and we could have a recirculating fountain. Anyone thinking Chocolate Fountain?