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  1. Considering buying a Select while waiting for GT order

    Well every car you buy is intended for selling or trading at some point. So what is it. A day, a week a month, 6 months, a year? I had ordered a GT in 2/20. So I bought at FE in February and traded in November. Of course I will take both tax incentives. I suppose if you are a car flipper of...
  2. Suggestions needed- charging etiquette

    the question comes to mind .... what the hell is wrong with people these days?
  3. Has anyone had the apps disappear off the tablet?

    yes, all the time they disappear, change around and sometimes come back on both my ME's.
  4. Mach E is Missing and No One Knows Where It Is

    Dealer can request a Ford track and trace at any time. Speak to the general manager and insist!
  5. PSA - DO NOT UPDATE to 3.35.0 on Android if using PaaK without a FOB

    .1/.2 seem to be only for Android phones. iphone still has 1.35.0.
  6. Lost range reading in latest ford pass update?

    Am I the only one that can no longer see a range estimate in ford pass after the last update? Had to remove car and setup all over again including paak and backup pass to get the function back. Hate this app.
  7. Shipped on 9/21 but they're in a black hole!!

    Those emails are usually old and the issue may have already been addressed.
  8. [OTA] 1.7.1 Appears to be incoming

    There is no excuse for Ford not to have this available on demand for every single car that has not yet received it at this point. Very poor execution.
  9. FordPass 3.35.0 Released

    If only they updated the actual car with OTA anywhere near as much as they do the app....
  10. Finally, Our Headlights Will Suck Way Less

    Mine on the GT already seem do do that. Well they don't steer, but they do change back and forth from high beam to regular when traffic is oncoming. Maybe a fluke? My First Edition didn't do that at all.
  11. Shipped on 9/21 but they're in a black hole!!

    You have a great deal of patience. I would certainly have cancelled and moved on by now.
  12. Can't deal with the bouncy ride anymore after two weeks with the Mach-E. What do I do?

    I had a First Edition for 9 months. Bouncy, yes. I now have a GT for a few weeks. Not bouncy like then FE, but it is a tight suspension, in a good way. I realize this is somewhat subjective as to what type of ride you're going for. I had air shocks and adjustble shocks on the last few high end...
  13. All I want for Christmas is.. a functional front trunk button.

    Having the GT, I have the frunk buttons and I've never even tried them out. Just use it as dead storage.
  14. How-to DIY: Disable Double Honk with Mach-E Running in FORScan

    This is great stuff, but all sounds way too complicated for me. How about Ford just add an option for this and call it a day?
  15. Anyone use their GT daily commuter?

    I use Engage 100% of the time. Plenty of power when needed.
  16. Mach e GTPE Loosing power after just 5sec and even less after just 2 fast corners

    Well even if ford doesn't read the forums, thid did make it into a few online news magazines/blogs, so I'm sure they are aware.
  17. Anyone use their GT daily commuter?

    EPA rates the GT at 270. However, my 270 rated FE had far more range, albeit mostly in summer conditions. We'll see how it goes with the GT in the dead of the winter. Basically in winter plan on charging nightly, and in summer every 2nd to maybe 3rd day if you don't want to worry about the range...
  18. Software update - what does this mean?

    Are GT's the only ones with 176?
  19. Mach e GTPE Loosing power after just 5sec and even less after just 2 fast corners

    Who knows, more whining may mean more attention, which could mean ford takes notice. doesn't hurt to be the squeaky wheel sometimes. I'm not a track guy, but I certainly do think Ford needs to consider addressing this.