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  1. krafty81

    AOSK Mach-E Middle Console Organizer

    Why not just sell direct?
  2. krafty81

    AOSK Mach-E Middle Console Organizer

    Looks great. Ordered one but Amazon says I will not get until January? Can you help?
  3. krafty81

    Ford representative recommends Model Y

    My dealer El Cajon Ford. No ADM and XPlan. Not hard.
  4. krafty81

    Front license plate

    Yeah that post was from a long time ago before they changed the rule. Looks great!
  5. krafty81

    Backing up to ChargePoint Home Flex

    I think there are more robust outdoor chargers than CP.
  6. krafty81

    Electric car Parking etiquette?
  7. krafty81

    [OTA] 1.7.1 Appears to be incoming

    MIght have spoken too soon on new update. Phone disconnected again. Hopefully the "Ask on exit" problem was fixed. Will see.
  8. krafty81

    [OTA] 1.7.1 Appears to be incoming

    The blue bar on the inst panel gets shorter as you approach your turn.
  9. krafty81

    1.7.1 Poll

    changed my vote - good to go with 1.7.1!
  10. krafty81

    [OTA] 1.7.1 Appears to be incoming

    Update showed up in my car yesterday. Love it! The new countdown bar in the instrument cluster is cool. It also solved the problem of my phone disconnecting after a call. Voice recognition seems better and I like the changes to the navigation.
  11. krafty81

    2021 Mach E XPlan pricing released. Additional $250 incentive!

    I don't think they ever had it in the website? I just worked that with my dealer when I bought the car...
  12. krafty81

    Retaining License Plate

    Here is what I did. When I received my metal plates from the DMV that dealer requested, I sent them back to DMV along with the form to keep my specialty plates. They sent me back a registration for my MME and my old specialty plate, along w a sticker that was one year from when I sent in my...
  13. krafty81

    CA Clean Vehicle Rebate has funding (Oct 21)

    Remember the 2K rebate is income-dependent. The 750 is not.
  14. krafty81

    Voice Commands Sometimes not Working?

    Yes I have seen the same thing. Happens to me sometimes when I am trying to call somebody, I use standard terminology but the car is clueless as to what I am talking about. Another frustration is that I will tell the Nav a restaurant I want to go to but it again has no clue. When I type it in...
  15. krafty81

    Fantastic Car, but PAAK, Phone Integration, FordPass and overall Software is an Abomination

    My Ford Pass will not update today. Says last update 2 hours ago and does not show the car charging....which it is right now. Andorid.
  16. krafty81

    Favorites/Shortcuts on Infotainment screen

    I like swiping down to get rid of a box I do not want to see on the bottom.