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  1. The dealer gave my reserved vehicle away I waited six months for

    There's just nothing good that can come out of situation that combines the lack of a guarantee with a lack of quality control at the dealer level. <s>Free market baby....</s>
  2. Everyday Driver: Mach-E vs. ID.4 vs. Model Y comparison video

    I liked the video. I've always thought the ID.4 was underrated. Comparing it to a MME or MY with the RWD version is kind of unfair. The AWD is much more competitive from a performance perspective and the RWD is really kind of a different thing entirely. I test drove a Signature CX-5 when...
  3. Tesla QUADRUPLED Supercharger Prices Overnight

    One hand gives, one hand takes away. Been reading on time of use for charging and it does get your EV cheaper rates but everything else kind of doubles. And, it's hard to get your actual usage from P.G.E. broken down by hour. At least it was on the quick pass I took at it where it seemed kind...
  4. Have you ever owned a Mustang

    Owned a 96 Mustang. That car is not the reason I'm buying this one. If anything it's why it took me months to place an order. It wasn't terrible, and I kept it for 10 years. The dealership experience, on the other hand, makes it seem like things haven't changed much at all over the years.
  5. Tesla QUADRUPLED Supercharger Prices Overnight

    This is very confusing. After watching the video, and reading a couple of articles, I'm still not 100% on this. But, I'm pretty sure the problem is per minute charging, which is dumb, and always has been dumb. If I'm correct, and it's per minute, then the stratification actually levels out...
  6. Took my 2nd road trip - not great

    Rebooting software is not an answer. It is, but it isn't. Maybe CR has it pretty right about software reliability being the achilles heel of these things.
  7. Make some noise about the delays, let's Tweet about it

    My orders been placed for a week and it's not even scheduled. WTF, FORD, WTF!!!!! I'd say take it to the streets but we might need to get in line for that after yesterday.
  8. Ariya reservations

    Like some have said, lots of EV's is good, if they ever get here. I'm dying to see the EV6 or Ioniq 5, but I've given up hope on them, or that a dealer would let them go for anything less than a $10K markup. Here's a Tuscon Hybrid for $49K, New 2022 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid Limited For Sale...
  9. Ariya reservations Gotta say, it’s a little uninspired.
  10. An end to chip shortages for Ford (times to close the grumpy thread ....... maybe)

    I see words like "could" and "plan" which doesn't lead me to believe it'll be going away any time soon.
  11. Mach-E only electric SUV with “above average reliability” says Consumer Reports

    Software problems can still brick the car or cause plenty of frustration. My Accord liked to shut off the ACC, because, literally, it was seeing too much and crashing, and it would throw a fault when it happened. It took Honda 1-1/2 years to fix it and a couple of trips to the dealer, plus the...
  12. dealer refusal to perform recall service

    This is kind of a weird one because the dealer's will probably make more on warranty claims than the sale. Also, with the demand on these, what are we supposed to do if another dealer has one on the lot? It's not like dealer lots are overflowing. I guess some old school genius in the service...
  13. After 8 months of trolling these parts...

    I get to troll for 5+ more... It is about damn time.
  14. Edmunds: Mach-E GT vs. Model Y Performance Comparison Review

    All the incentive will do is raise prices by the incentive and you'll probably lose out even then because higher prices = higher sales taxes. If it goes to $12.5K, and Ford starts building in the USA, the MME will see a price increase too.
  15. Explained: The Thermal Problem with Mach-E

    In a different time and place, the base ID.4 would have destroyed the Japanese (CRV, RAV4, CX5, Rogue, etc.). It's better and it's cheaper with the tax credits. The only real use cases where that isn't true is a long road trip but with free EA charging it might arguably be better for road...
  16. Morgan Hill Ford (The Ford Store) - No ADM's and Discount Plans Accepted

    Good to see my instincts were correct about them. They really push the no ADM thing. Did they do the state rebate that is offered at the dealer? There are, I think 2 California rebates, one you get at purchase, if I’m correct?. This isn’t Ford Options and not all dealers are eligible to do...
  17. Who else is excited waiting for snow?

    I remember in the 00's, maybe 10ish, it snowed on the Altamont pass in Livermore. I drove up there during lunch, brought some snow back and made a really bad snow man. Minus the hat, it was about the same quality as the one in the photo. I'm getting close to finally ordering, and pondering...
  18. Tesla Full self driving review CNN

    Humans almost always overrate their skill and do a poor job of evaluating risk. It’s why if 1 out of 425 people died immediately after walking through a door no one would do it but idiots will happily go maskless and unvaccinated. I’m pretty convinced that with decent automation, that everyone...
  19. Dangerous System Failure - locked up on highway!

    I work with a guy who, whenever there's a problem goes in and fires everything he knows at it. When he comes back, "so, what did you do to fix it"? He'll tell you he did all kinds of things but, really, he has no idea what fixed it. That write up made me think of him.
  20. Decision time...

    I like that. It keeps you a little bit out of trouble. I had a Speed6 15 years ago and I could hit 100 and barely notice it. I don't need fast, just fast enough.