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  1. Murse-In-Airy

    Another AWD ER Winter Efficiency Test, 19F, 72 MPH, 194 miles of Range. BlueCruise used

    Why are you staring at me while eating that banana?
  2. Murse-In-Airy

    Has anyone installed a Power Magic Battery?

    There are soft rubber pass-throughs in the fire wall. If you poke a small hole in them and pull the wires through, it will still create a seal around the wire. To somewhere up front would work. Maybe in the frunk or behind, somewhere near the regular 12V battery.
  3. Murse-In-Airy

    How long of a wait?

    6-9 months has been very reasonable for a wait estimate around here. And who knows if things will get better or worse as time goes by.
  4. Murse-In-Airy

    Charging Ford Mustang Mach-E w/ NEMA 10-30

    I started with a 30 amp 240 volt outlet. I had one for my Air compressor already. That is the the biggest reason I bought a Grizzl-E. It has consumer changeable mechanical dip switches to change the output. So I set it to 24 amps and bought an RV converter to make the plug fit. Then I was...
  5. Murse-In-Airy

    Anyone thrown a Christmas Tree on top of the car yet?

    Gotta ask. What kind of contraption is that? Looks like a kayak and a sculling boat had a foursome with a paddle board and windsurfing board.
  6. Murse-In-Airy

    Premium > GT Front Bumper Conversion

    I didn’t figure you knew about him. Just providing you the resources that I know of. He posted about it publicly so I assume he would be willing to answer questions.
  7. Murse-In-Airy

    Estimated range dropping off a cliff

    30-40% loss in winter is typical. I bank on only having 2/3 my usual range. So from an EPA rating of 270 down to winter expectation of 180 miles. Maldonado your GOM will be overly conservative. So while you may lose 1/3 of your EPA range, your GOM will guess even lower.
  8. Murse-In-Airy

    GT Pony Ornament Lighting Up

    How far away is your phone/key fob? Is it possible it’s detecting one of these and turning on the welcome lighting?
  9. Murse-In-Airy

    E Heat Question

    With out e-heat. There is no heat. There is only Zuul.
  10. Murse-In-Airy

    AWD ER Winter Efficiency Quick Test. 28F, 72 MPH, 203 miles of Range.

    Very nice numbers. 21°F outside and I drove 8 miles to work this morning. Remote started while still in the garage and plugged in to pre-warm. Heated seat and wheel on. Cabin temp at 68° and fan on auto 1. Didn’t do over 55MPH and only got 2.3 miles/kwh. So my AWD ER would be at 202 @100%. I...
  11. Murse-In-Airy

    Premium > GT Front Bumper Conversion

    I don’t know if Simon is on the forum here. But over on Facebook in the Mach E Nation group there’s a gent named Simon Tse. He removed the front bumper to wrap his premium. He’s the only one I know that’s had it all the way off.
  12. Murse-In-Airy

    help improve my consumption!

    Remote starting without being plugged in doesn’t accomplish much. It still has to precondition the cabin from the battery power. And while the battery may start to warm up, it doesn’t do as much as the full extended precondition.
  13. Murse-In-Airy

    GT Style Grill for Mache Premium

    It was my first ever attempt. I’ve gotten better.
  14. Murse-In-Airy

    GT Style Grill for Mache Premium

    Great job. I tried doing that and messed mine all up. You did very well.
  15. Murse-In-Airy

    5" stripes! Should I paint my calipers?

    Yes. Murse in the Air. Also mercenary as I’ll do just about anything for the right price. 😉 COVID is getting me down too. Transports are LONG when all the closer hospitals are full and the patients are infinitely more complex. Take care of yourself first and always. Peace My Homie. ✌️
  16. Murse-In-Airy

    5" stripes! Should I paint my calipers?

    Looks damn good. Select, premium, GT… who cares. You’ve got a car to be proud of. Enjoy it your way. I support all stripes. Congrats on the car. This was my first brand new car too. 46 year old professional.
  17. Murse-In-Airy

    Taillight tint

    Yeah. Sorry if that wasn’t obvious. Each bar of the tribar was done individually. Makes it very easy to do.
  18. Murse-In-Airy

    Added a black bar / blackout wrap to tail rear and waiting for spoiler

    I was kinda thinking the same. Maybe I’ll add the black bar to mine anyway since the OP made his look so good. Truly, great job OP.
  19. Murse-In-Airy

    snow tires for the winter on Mach E4

    Haven’t had any real snow or ice yet. So I can’t say.