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  1. My GT does not have a front camera WTF

    I've noticed all of the 2021 GTs I've seen on lots (5) as cancelled orders have been lacking the 360 degree camera, including the one I picked up this weekend. While I liked the 360 degree cameras on my Route 1 for parking, I never planned to activate the hands free Blue Cruise. Perhaps the...
  2. Passing power

    Yeah pretty much a similar story for me, but with one more step involved. I'd had a 2021 Route 1 for 8 months before getting my 10k service in October. I love the Route 1, favorite car I've ever owned, and more passing power than any car I've had. Just as peppy as my 3 and 5 series BMWs from a...
  3. Thread for people who used to be grumpy but have gotten their Mach-E's and happy now

    Lol that's funny that I literally just posted that it's worked for me with the FOB for two Mach E's 😁
  4. Thread for people who used to be grumpy but have gotten their Mach-E's and happy now

    Are you guys with the puddle lights not working using PAAK? In 8 months with my Route 1 the puddle lights always worked, and now in the last few days with my new GT they've worked too. But I have always used the FOB... and never to actually unlock the car manually with the FOB, just keep it in...
  5. Ford Options calculator?

    That's what I thought. Thanks! Makes the GT even more attractive lol
  6. Ford Options calculator?

    I thought I saw somewhere that the 21s and 22s have different Ford Options interest rates, and that the GTs have different rates than the Premium/Route 1/Select. Is that still the case? I'm looking to grab a 2021 GT off the lot.
  7. Morgan Hill Ford (The Ford Store) - No ADM's and Discount Plans Accepted

    I just tried to get Serramonte Ford to part with one of their Mach E's without the ADM, but they didn't budge lol. I tried to entice them by saying I'd place an online order with them and cancel it when it ships so they can add markup to it, but no dice. 🤷‍♂️ I'd call Morgan Hill but I'm...
  8. Ford Motor Co. > $20 mark for the first time in 2 decades

    I finally bought some F a couple weeks ago, don't know why I waited so long. I really just need the 45 million shares of SHIB I bought as a lark for like $200 to hit 1 cent 🤪
  9. Don't be scared!

    That's awesome that some dealers have GT demo cars. I'd love to test drive one just for the hell of it, but my dealer only had a premium that wasn't spoken for by an order when I was there last month for service.
  10. Found on reddit, CA rt1 from Sema with solar roof?

    For the street parkers out thereb liked myself, 5 miles per day is about the threshold where solar would definitely be a nice little addition. Especially for when my wife's EV finally arrives since she works from home some days and then drives up to 100 miles others. 35 miles a week buys a...
  11. I was shocked Today!

    Shadow Black Route 1. It was the styling and the emblem which they mistook for Ferrari 😁
  12. Has anyone driven both the RWD and the AWD?

    We have Route 1 and when I recently brought it in to the dealer to get it's 10k mile service I test drove their demo AWD. I previously thought the Route 1 had plenty of zip (and it does), but the difference with the AWD was VERY noticable. To the point where I changed my order to replace our...
  13. November 3rd 2021 Revised Tax incentives for EVs from House of Reps.

    I believe it happened on November 1st, but I may be wrong. Check the California board.
  14. November 3rd 2021 Revised Tax incentives for EVs from House of Reps.

    Thanks! So it would seem that as long as the Mach E is classified as an SUV this will actually be a benefit to everyone making under the income threshold, since you no longer need the tax liability to get the full $7500, and will be financing less of the cost of the car (assuming most people...
  15. November 3rd 2021 Revised Tax incentives for EVs from House of Reps.

    So this still reads like a tax credit? That's disappointing as I was hoping for it to be a point of sale rebate like the $750 in California (formerly $1500). Or am I reading it incorrectly (I only read the linked article not the bill verbiage)?
  16. I was shocked Today!

    Just had a couple come up to me today thinking it was a Ferrari!
  17. Just drove 3500 miles from Cali to Maine, 1 Mach E spotted…

    I live in the City, but drive all over for work. I'd probably only seen about 10 Mach E up until about August. Seeing a lot more lately, not including the 10 or so getting serviced or delivered at Walnut Creek Ford when I was there a couple weeks ago. I seem to always see one on highway 24 lol...
  18. Just drove 3500 miles from Cali to Maine, 1 Mach E spotted…

    I've seen a decent number of Mach Es around the Bay (maybe 3 dozen or so), but not enough that I don't still give a thumbs up to the driver when I see them on the road, or chat them up if I see them at a charging station/parking lot 😁
  19. NEWBIE (maybe) Needs advice

    Definitely place an order for a Premium 4x and then keep trying to find one on the lot. The options for AWD electric cars that can get your wife to and from work every day during a cold winter are basically 2: The Mach E and the Model Y. The ID4, Polestar, Bolt, Jaguar, Volvos, etc might not be...
  20. 2022 Mach-E Premium ER/AWD or Route 1 ER/AWD What's different?

    As much as I jokingly complain about testing the AWD with friends/family, there's no way I'm waiting 6 months for a 2022 to replace my wife's X1 (that we hate). It honestly opens up more doors for me to grab an MME off the lot in the interim, since I will expand my search to include more models...