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  1. Tampamike

    EVgo charging/FordPass

    It knows where all kinds of chargers are. You can filter some things out in the search panel but I din’t think you can filter by brand. It WILL route you to EVGo if it think that’s the best option and ChargePoint too.
  2. Tampamike

    Finally, Our Headlights Will Suck Way Less

    I saw the video. Those matrix lights are impressive. Who knew headlights could be so, … alive.
  3. Tampamike

    dealer refusal to perform recall service

    I called a local dealer today. They said they don’t have the parts. Call back in a while - not specified as to how big of a while.
  4. Tampamike

    Took my 2nd road trip - not great

    WaWa’s for sure. Haven’t yet been to a Buc ee’s but it sounds great.
  5. Tampamike

    Took my 2nd road trip - not great

    At first I used to say “Why can’t theses EA chargers be at gas stations?” Then I found one at a gas station. It wasn’t good and I’m glad my wife wasn’t there. In general, the Walmart’s are cleaner. When there’s a few food choices nearby, it works quire well. I’ve been to the outlet malls too...
  6. Tampamike

    Took my 2nd road trip - not great

    Having taken a couple substantial road trips, I would say that the Walmart locations chosen are all, or mostly all, right off the interstate exits. It would be nice if there were DCFC’s at the highway rest stops, but then again, there aren’t any gas pumps there on the most of the non-toll roads...
  7. Tampamike

    Mach-E GT purchase process and review — First Two Weeks

    The navigation random voice replies can be turned off by deselecting the “Hello Ford?” In the settings. It’s the car’s “Hey Siri” equivalent.
  8. Tampamike

    Too many Mach-E’s!

    You missed me. I had my IB driving around Beaufort for a couple days a month or so back.
  9. Tampamike

    Shell Canada EV charging network from BC to Ontario revealed by Natural Resources Canada

    Be careful what you wish for. Here in the states, per minute rates on EA chargers come out to about 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of per kw rates. Some states charge by the minute and some by the kw.
  10. Tampamike

    Issues in general

    For me, it seemed like everything Ford that happened on-line, like the Blue Oval Network activation took longer than it should but it eventually happened. I can’t explain why. It was just slow. As far as the headlights go, there’s a few things you can check: Was the switch in “Auto?” If so, did...
  11. Tampamike

    I was planning a work trip for Friday....but its not going to pan out.....

    I feel your pain. We were just up there last month. Had to get creative. Fortunately, the B and B in Freeport had a 110 plug under the two Tesla chargers. It helped. Bar Harbour is a little slim on chargers. Got a free charge from a museum there that was closed. It helped. Had to go out of our...
  12. Tampamike

    Charging experience

    The learning curve is steep. You’re starting off well by reading here. You’ll pick up a lot by the time you drive it off the lot. Don’t know what phone you have but I think it’s pretty similar for iPhones and Androids. (I have an iPhone.) Get two apps - Electrify America and ChargePoint and...
  13. Tampamike

    Horrible first EA experience today

    I had to double check to see if that was my post! I have the squeegee, towels and some winded too. My wife and I have a running joke about the lack of trash cans.
  14. Tampamike

    Cross country with EA not ready for prime time.

    Don’t get discouraged. We’ve made a couple 1,000+ road trips - the last one for over a month up the East coast into Canada and back. There’s a good many chargers out there on the highways. Off the highways you have plan a little more and do some research But it can be done. I’ve had the car...
  15. Tampamike

    Freebie Charging after purchase of new MME???

    No. Mine just magically showed up. Maybe if use some of the ones you have it’ll trigger the increased kw’s.
  16. Tampamike

    Electric car Parking etiquette?

    I saw some at the Wright Brothers monument/museum at Kill Devil Hills, NC. There were about 6 spots up front with no chargers. That’s the only ones that I have seen.
  17. Tampamike

    Electric car Parking etiquette?

    I think you know the answer.
  18. Tampamike

    Horrible first EA experience today

    Totally agree with all of that. I will say though, that one of the few gas stations with EA’S I have used was a total nasty dump. The highway rest areas should be a no-brainer.
  19. Tampamike

    Central MA > NYC

    The White Plains EA on Central Avenue is one option. Charged there about a month ago. Dante’s deli across the street makes good sandwiches and has lots of other god stuff. The charger was empty when we arrived but full when we left with one waiting. The sandwich was excellent!