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  1. Electrify America kWh Pricing Announced

    Sweet relief
  2. "Reservations & Orders" no longer shows my order

    Mine is showing the same info it has from the start
  3. Allocation Spot and Scheduled for Production?

    Is your order on showing any change?
  4. Knowing Your Mustang Mach-E: Driving Experience Modes & One-Pedal Driving

    What part did you want to customize? It looked like you could turn on/off one pedal driving and sound in every mode.
  5. Why are you purchasing a Ford Mache?

    1. Appearance 2. Dealer repair network - this is the single biggest thing that turned me from Tesla. I think the closest Tesla repair is ~3 hours away. Now, I don't want the dealer for purchasing it, but that's another story. 3. Performance 4. I'm finally at a place financially where I can...
  6. Mach E web series Part 4 - Performance and Charging

    It obviously isn't as clear of an image but it looks like it was in their presentation from Thursday
  7. Shopping for a Home Charger

    It definitely has that ability, which is partially why I didn't think I'd need the wifi options available at this time. I saw GrizzlE had an upgrade path planned to add WifI to existing charge units soon, so if my desires change I'm assuming it won't be a huge cost to add that feature.
  8. Ford Charging Station Now Available on

    1, 3, and 4 the Grizzl-E has as well. It doesn't have a rubber grip handle, but I don't see an issue with what it has either. You're paying more with the Ford charger for a permanent hardwired setup that will give you a little more charge speed and some integration with the Fordpass app. I...
  9. Submitted Orders # Tracking List [Enter Yours]

    Submitted my info Order #: 103881XX Order Submission Date: 8/27/2020 Country (State): MI Color: Rapid Red Trim & Drivetrain: Premium AWD Range: Extended Range
  10. Battery Charge and mileage.

    I'm sure these batteries and the controllers around them are more advanced than what I use in RC cars, but if you store the lithium batteries at full for too long they have a much higher tendency to swell, and it's clearly visible in the packs when this happens. It is usually time to toss them...
  11. Question on order changes

    I think it's more of they don't know what the heck they're doing with regards to the Mach E. They're waiting to hear back from their Ford rep now.
  12. First 2021 Mach-E Incentives & Discounts (APR Deals and Promotional Lease Rates)

    You need to have the membership for at least 2 months
  13. Question on order changes

    Thanks for the reassurance. I went back and re-read the order FAQ and thankfully it has something about it in there. Sounds like they're just being unhelpful. I'll poke and prod some more. 9. Can I change or update my vehicle after I submit my order? After ordering your vehicle, you will...
  14. Question on order changes

    Hi all, Have any of you been able to change anything with your order after getting the order accepted? I saw a real world example of the space gray interior and I'm not as much of a fan as I thought I was from the images during the order. My dealership is telling me it can't be changed at...
  15. charging door opening out instead of up

    If you have water on the door, wouldn't opening it upwards encourage that water to drop into the charge area? I'd think for the view being blocked alone, I'd want it to open to the side anyhow.
  16. The Truth About Electric Cars Biggest Problem

    Ah, the ole "Goggle it" when asked for sources of something you initially posted as fact.
  17. Ford Demonstrates Mach-E's Pre-Delivery Remote Vehicle Setup and Machine Learning Personalization Capabilities

    Anyone notice this shot of the screen in the video? Obviously we have no idea what kind of driving was done, but I know people were looking for examples of the mi/kWh number the Mach E will get.

    I didn't see this image posted yet. The color looks a bit different in the bright sun.
  19. Ford is opening up some more First Edition Mach-E orders

    I think you're 100% correct on the weak point. My Mach E order was sent to the dealer and never accepted until I stopped by today to ask about it. I got home to see my order status had magically changed, even though they had called me the day after I ordered it to see if I had paid the deposit...