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  1. Production runs & line output guesstimates

    Browsing the EU regs, they are similar to CAFE, but it looks like you can pool credits, but you can't carry them over between model years. But like any regs, nothing is really straightforward, you need a team to figure them out, lol. Looks like maybe only Daimler and VW have work to do in this...
  2. Notes & photos from 10.20.20 Mach-E Road Show, Redwood City, CA

    We've known for a while only one person in the world reads the owner's manual... now we know who it is!
  3. Production runs & line output guesstimates

    CO2/CAFE credits are fluid, and can be moved back three years and forward five years in the US. For example, credits earned in the 2024 model year can be applied back to the 2021MY, or forward to the 2029MY. Not sure if EU has put the same rules in place. If they have the same/similar...
  4. Todays Events 10-20-2020: Red Bank, NJ and Redwood City, CA!

    Yep, a tow hook mount is mandatory for EU vehicle, I believe. The hook itself can be removed/installed.
  5. Todays Events 10-20-2020: Red Bank, NJ and Redwood City, CA!

    Not sure on the NA vehicles. EU vehicles should have a tow hook.
  6. Ford Launches Mach-E U.S. Road Tour [Register Inside]

    Not sure about one-pedal, but adaptive cruise does use the brake lights, so I don't see why one-pedal wouldn't.
  7. California Bans New Gasoline Vehicle Sales Beginning 2035

    I agree, sort of. Customer survey from back when HEVs were starting to make an impact Question: What's the main reason you bought an HEV? Answer: 1) I want to help save the environment. Nope 2) Great fuel economy. Nope 3) Saved an hour both ways on my commute 'cause I got to use the HEV lane...
  8. Everybody needs more LIDAR

    The vehicle type is chosen based on how the vehicle is planned to be used. Estimate the power needed for all those sensors and AI computing power... what would your Mach-e range turn out to be. It is not insignificant.
  9. Preparing for Mach-E charging at home - preparation and installing charger

    So technically you can do it, but don't do it. You would have to find two outlets on different phases, and wire them into a 14-50 outlet. Now you have a 240v 15a outlet, charging at a blazing 5-6 miles of range per hour. Plus, your local building inspector will have a problem with you, and any...
  10. Production runs & line output guesstimates

    Yep, but not sure at what volume rail becomes cheaper.
  11. Ford Range Increase Coming?

    So I have to ask: If the vehicle is exactly the same as it was months ago, same design, same parts, but Ford publishes a better "final, official range" than it is publishing right now... Does it matter to you, and why?
  12. Production runs & line output guesstimates

    I agree... normally Hermosillo goes by rail to a huge customs point into California. That said, Caut normally never produced for the US market.
  13. Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    The black tape is just protecting instrumentation wiring.
  14. Mach-E Merchandise / Apparel?
  15. More MME's to Europe?

    You have chosen incorrectly. Other than the small players, Mazda, etc., most will want to transition quickly. An electric powertrain is far, far simpler and cheaper than an ICE powertrain. Less labor is needed to assemble it, also. The UAW is scared to death of electric vehicles going...
  16. Mach-E 4x (Star White / Gray Interior) sighted at Phoenix dealership, with a look at range figures

    Question: Did you like the way the doors opened from the outside? Did the doors pop open enough?
  17. Mach-E 4x (Star White / Gray Interior) sighted at Phoenix dealership, with a look at range figures

    It is a trade off... if you make the frunk airtight, no dust gets in, but closing force is higher. You are compressing the air in there when you close the hood. There is a small vent to help. Tesla chose the no seal route.
  18. Production runs & line output guesstimates

    Check if has a Michigan license plate...