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  1. Bricked before arrival

    They would have to do that a lot of times (50 or more). i have sat in the car with the A/C on for an hour and the battery drops about 1% in that time.
  2. 10/7 Build - Strange status update from dealer

    There is a recall for these problems for at least some MMEs. I thought that this did not apply to new builds but maybe they discovered the problem at the plant had not been corrected.
  3. How many miles on your Mach-E so far?

    You mean you are not already getting calls trying to sell you an extended warranty since yours has expired. June 25 6K and normally run cars well over 100K so intend to do the same with the MME.
  4. PSA - DO NOT UPDATE to 3.35.0 on Android if using PaaK without a FOB

    The fact that they are wiling to provide 4 fobs per truck tells me that fobs are pretty inexpensive so it would not cost that much to give us all 2nd fobs.
  5. Trunk Lid Won't Close - It has a Sensor??

    I think closing it with your hand upsets it.
  6. Passing power

    With my VW Rabbit diesel I used to look back after being first at a red light. Most people never use even a fraction of the acceleration available to them.
  7. Differences between Mach-E GT and GT Performance Edition?

    I looked at the location for a couple of people who said "no bounciness" versus those who complained about bounciness. Those with no complaints seemed to be further north. That might explain the difference. In very hot climates the viscosity of the oil is too low. Just a thought.
  8. Took my 2nd road trip - not great

    Musk had a few rocket mishaps but he was trying to do something that no one else had done. Up and then down softly is a lot more difficult than just going the one way up.
  9. Took my 2nd road trip - not great

    Had not looked at it that way with charging primary and shopping the secondary use of the time.
  10. Mach-E in snowy Cascade Mountains!

    Driving on ice is quite feasible. You just have to have a very light touch on the pedals and hope that the idiots have all slid into the ditch. "Snow" that has been treated with salt but only partially melted and then partially refrozen into ruts with a layer of slush is probably the worst...
  11. Mach-E in snowy Cascade Mountains!

    Not in that depth of snow.
  12. Public Charging - How Fast Is "Fast Enough"?

    Hand pump from the storage tank on the farm.
  13. FordPass 3.35.0 Released

    It is not paranoia if they really are after you.
  14. Mach-E in snowy Cascade Mountains!

    I would feel quite comfortable driving in that amount of snow in a 2wd vehicle. In a 4wd like my MME I would have no concerns at all.
  15. Charging infrastructure proposal details released

    Why would anyone install a 62kw station when they could install a 150kw station?
  16. Took my 2nd road trip - not great

    Most people are going to shop at their closest Walmart. If they charge at home they are not likely to charge at Walmart. I suspect that the universe of Walmart shoppers who have BEVs but no charger at home is pretty small. People who have to charge while traveling are mostly going to be on...
  17. Wish List for OTA Changes/Enhancements

    Around here they are mostly minimum speed limits no matter what you are driving.
  18. Wish List for OTA Changes/Enhancements

    Like the camera in the right side mirror on Hondas.
  19. Wish List for OTA Changes/Enhancements

    I agree with both of these. Actually I would like the lock/unlock sequence reversed. Push the button to lock the car but have it unlock automatically when you pull on the little door handle thing.
  20. Key Fob Battery

    About a month ago I got the low key fob battery message. Have not seen it since. I would not worry about it unless it keeps coming back.