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  1. All-electric households?

    I would love to go all-electric but right now it's not feasible due to hobbies which require long drives to areas with no shot at charging infrastructure probably in the next 10 years. Ideally after my wife gets here MME we would look into getting a PHEV SUV as I work from home so it would be...
  2. EV tax credits in Build Back Better Act - income limit?

    The income limit is inconsequential for a majority of buyers and if you hit the income limit congrats you're a top 1% earner. The most concerning thing to me is the price cap based on vehicle class as right now the Mach E is a station wagon and would be over the $55K cap in the majority of...
  3. MY22 plant scheduled down time

    I'm pretty sure the two week downtime is to tune up for MY22 production so yea you're probably looking at a 2 week push back since I believe MY22 production was supposed to start in December initially before all the delays.
  4. Ariya reservations

    Yea most of it is down to the interior which will be interesting to see how the real product compares to the images. As that's the only reason a $2K price increase would make sense. Based on every Nissan I've ever been in though my hopes are not high.
  5. Charging on the left - what was Ford thinking?

    Apartment dwellers are still a group that needs to be addressed as far as infrastructure for EVs the most. The method for most of them is hopefully living near a DCFC they can hit up while eating or shopping.
  6. Ariya reservations

    It's pretty surprising to me that the Platinum which is basically the Mach E Premium's direct competitor is more expensive by like $2000
  7. Ford aims to double EV production capacity in 2 years, Farley says

    Hopefully once incentives are over and Ford's massive new facilities and partnerships are in full swing the economies of scale will help bring the prices down
  8. Lexus UX 300e

    My in-laws had an RX with the same style track pad interface and it was easily the worst system I've ever used.
  9. An end to chip shortages for Ford (times to close the grumpy thread ....... maybe)

    It's certainly not ending anytime soon but this should definitely help. Plus the Ford leadership has signaled likely the worst of it is at least behind Ford NA.
  10. Ford aims to double EV production capacity in 2 years, Farley says

    It honestly seems really feasible and Farley is putting his money where his mouth is with the investments in R&D and manufacturing capacity both of batteries and of vehicles.
  11. Ford partners with GlobalFoundries to increase chip supplies Hopefully some good news for all of us waiting on cars.
  12. 2022 Subaru Solterra Revealed

    I honestly think the MX30 has its merits but it costs so much relative to it's range that it doesn't seem like they want to make any. $33K+ for 100 miles is crazy
  13. Subaru electric SUV to be called Solterra, arrives in 2022

    The bz4x and Solterra are basically identical cars with the Subaru having different programming for its AWD system
  14. 2022 Subaru Solterra Revealed

    The Solterra is overall pretty disappointing. Low power, pretty standard range, no front trunk, literally a badge swap of the Toyota, interesting choices like not having a glove box, the terrible gloss black plastic that's all over the center console that will get so dirty and scratched.
  15. Chip shortages

    There's a couple things that hit Ford all at once. First is they get a lot of their chips from Renesas in Japan. Well Renesas had a fire at their main factory in Spring of 2021 and it took them about 4-5 months to be back at full capacity. On top of that Malaysia which is another huge fab...
  16. Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    Morgan Stanley is claiming that Malaysian fabs are back at full capacity and with some server orders finally getting filled the Automotive chip shortage could be easing soon-ish. This in concert with Toyota being at full speed in December and VW echoing the same sentiment is hopefully good news...
  17. Submitted Orders # Tracking List and Stats [Enter Yours]

    Just added my accepted order. Ordered 11/1/2021. Accepted 11/5/2021. ER AWD Premium in Grabber Blue