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  1. Reserved A 2022 Premium In October…What Now?

    I sent an email to Ford Canada via the website today (I live 5 minutes from the Canadian Head Office in Oakville) so we’ll see what they say. I asked them if there is a way to associate the Order I placed at the dealership with my online Profile. There is a section in the Profile called...
  2. Reserved A 2022 Premium In October…What Now?

    Can someone walk me through what to expect after reserving a car? I reserved a 2022 Premium AWD in late Oct. with a downpayment of $1000. This is the first time I’ve bought a car that didn’t actually exist - in the past I’ve waited for cars to be delivered to the dealer, but they always...
  3. Customer Satisfaction Program 21P22 - Software Calibration Update

    If you are referring to the flurry of software updates I agree - there was another thread debating software development approaches (“Waterfall” vs. “Agile”) and this (to me at least) is one point for regular, larger updates (call it Waterfall if you want) vs an almost constant stream of smaller...
  4. Hello From Toronto!

    I’ll keep an eye out for y’a! MME is still rarity in Oakville as well. Can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a Tesla tho, which was one of the main reasons for buying the Mach-E. Never even set foot in a Ford dealership before I test drove it.
  5. Stunning How Ford Dealers are sabotaging the success of the brand....

    People who get mad a dealers for mark-up don't know how dealerships work - Ford sells the car to the dealer. The dealer owns the car. Then they sell it to you. When supply and demand are in equilibrium, they can't sell above MSRP because you'll walk to the next dealer and pay MSRP (assuming...
  6. Another ID.4 vs Mach-E thread

    Ah! Interesting…thanks for that
  7. My GT does not have a front camera WTF

    Could be worse - you could have bought a Volvo XC-90 thinking it had the self-parking feature. And then trying to show it off to friends....and then going to the dealership to find out what was going on....and then being told it's only on the next trim level up :) Almost changed my last name...
  8. Winter Tires: What are you going with?

    Ah - thought maybe the Mktg dept was working overtime :-). The load factor makes sense - thanks!
  9. Winter Tires: What are you going with?

    Sweet - my usual go-to tire over the years has been Michelin X-Ice but can’t always find them. Thanks for the info on the Contis - I will consider them for next year (don’t have the car yet :) ). “Spec’s for EVS” sounds like marketing BS to me…any insight on what’s different?
  10. Quebec Members - De quel coin vous êtes?

    Salut Richard, Vos Michelin X-Ice sont de quel grandeur?
  11. Hello from Western NY

    You can add your Toronto cousins to the list as well - one big Mach-E family :) Grew up in Montreal, spent lots of time in New York State over the years - the engineering firm my Dad worked for built the particle accelerator at Cornell in the ‘80s.
  12. Hello From Toronto!

    Been wanting an electric car for years but until now now have been disappointed. We leased a 2019 Volvo XC-90 assuming when the lease was up we’d turn it in and get the (non-existant) fully electric version in 2022. We were frustrated that in three years our options were still basically Tesla...
  13. 2022 Mach E Orders Canada

    Same - ordered a Premium AWD SR on Oct. 23rd from a dealer in Southern Ontario. Dealer had 2022 pricing - sent me the dealer PDFs with pricing & changes (which I think have been posted in other threads). Not sure why *still* shows 2021s while has had the 2022 specs for over a...
  14. Another ID.4 vs Mach-E thread

    For the rookie in the room - can you explain please?
  15. Everyday Driver: Mach-E vs. ID.4 vs. Model Y comparison video

    The thing about the Tesla software is that gap is "easier" to bridge than piss poor build quality. Software can be done from virtually anywhere - my firm has been doing it for 20+ years. So finding good software developers and usability experts is not as hard (IMHO) as finding experienced...
  16. Another ID.4 vs Mach-E thread

    I'm likely in the minority, but all I drove was the Mach-E. When it first came out my wife (a pure car girl) and I both looked at each other and said "Holy sh*t, I want that car...". To be honest I was pretty nervous to test it as we were ready for disappointment - years ago we finally test...
  17. Public Charging - How Fast Is "Fast Enough"?

    Not sure if I've seen anyone post this yet - from the Electric Autonomy Canada website Apologies in advance - it's a bit dry, and clocks in at ~ 1hr long... Bonus Question for my US Friends: Are you aware of any local / state utilities jumping into the charging game? For example Hydro...
  18. Tesla QUADRUPLED Supercharger Prices Overnight

    Wow. So here’s one drawback to “vendor lock” - at least for monopolistic Superchargers. There may be some inflationary pressure here, but no commodity with a stable supply and relatively inelastic demand jumps 4x overnight. I’d be more than upset if I owned a Tesla…
  19. Charging rates compared by Car and Driver

    Not making any assumptions about *what* those changes will ultimately mean, just that it’s been mentioned by Ford. OP didn’t mention it so I thought I would, just in case others were unaware. I would assume (dangerous, I know) that changes equate to improvements. But we will see :)
  20. Charging rates compared by Car and Driver

    The 80% cliff dive is being addressed in the ‘22 as well as an OTA update to all current models, moving it to 90% - so eventually this will be addressed. :) I also really like the “real world vs the quoted EPA range” chart: