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  1. Window recall in Washington

    Has anybody been able to get their windshield and roof glass fixed yet on the recall? My dealer is unresponsive to my call other to say “We don’t do glass.”
  2. EA chargers in Eastern WA and OR.

    The EA chargers at the Safeway in Leavenworth are working just fine. However you can charge for free at the Big-Y park and ride.
  3. Mach-E in snowy Cascade Mountains!

    cute but living on Blewett pass highway I can report that the Mach-e does just fine in 5 1/2 of wet snow on a unmaintained county road. I don’t take photo, I just enjoy a car I don’t have to park all winter like I did with my old Prius Prime.
  4. Display icons

    Thank you. Wonder why it’s not documented
  5. Display icons

    When I shift into reverse and the backup camera comes on, there is an icon on the right side of a “radio” tower and a slide switch beside it. I can find anything in the manuals about it and can detect no changes when I turn the switch on or off. anyone know what this is for?
  6. What level 2 charger is everyone purchasing for home use?

    Grizzl-e not the Wi-Fi one. Works great and is made in North America
  7. snow tires for the winter on Mach E4

    Yep, had to move to 18’ wheels but bigger tires so the difference is only .7mph.
  8. Wish List for OTA Changes/Enhancements

    Pet mode and dash cam/security cam recording like Tesla
  9. Rear window Dust removal

    imlive A mile up a dusty road. As a result the rear window gets covered with dust. I can run the wiper to clean an arc but the view is still very obstructed. Has anyone come up with a defector that will direct airflow across the rest of the window?
  10. SirusXM - deleting or hiding the selection

    My free time with Sirius is ending. I haven’t subscribed to Sirius on any of my cars and don’t intend to now. Is there a way to remove the icon/ option from the display?
  11. Towing ring

    Has anyone looked to see if the European tow eye ring socket is on the US Mach-es?
  12. Car locks itself and then sets off alarm if I'm just sitting inside without it turned on

    You left the motion detection on. I left my wife in the car when I ran into,the store and didn’t turn of f the sensor. Won’t do,that again
  13. It happened last night.

    Go to the dealer and get a code readout. They should,do,about 3 hours of software updates
  14. FordPass 3.31.0 is out

    I still only get Lock. start. unlock buttons on FordPass.
  15. Headlights turning on and quickly off

    I was closing up the house for the night when I noticed the Mach-e headlights turn on and then off. I wasn’t near it and it was in a closed garage. No PAAK or fob was in range. Any idea why this occurred?
  16. FordPass EV page charge times and location

    Is this information of any use? My page says my previous locations are at the factory. I can’t delete them and I can find a way to save any new locations.
  17. Insurance not setup for Mach E?

    Hartford added our Mach-e as a Mach-e EV, no problem and the premium was $200 less a year than the Prius Prime it replaced.
  18. How many Fords have you owned?

    Tempo (terrible 4wd POS) 68 F250 bought used -wore it out at 220000 as a snow plow truck 1998 F250 4wd - sold it to buy : 2016 F150 red (still loving it) now my 2021 Mach-e iconic silver AWD ER
  19. BlueCruise almost here... are you in or out?

    No reason to buy in. Only I-5 and I-90 in Washington. state are on theit map. Almost never use them so will just use intelligent cruise.
  20. Why aren’t I seeing Frunk and Trunk icons on my FordPass screen?

    PAAK has been set up since July. After several reset now have it working without conflicting with the FOB but still don’t see windows ( don’t care) but I would like frunk and trunk control.