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  1. Starting to get worried now lol

    I'm in colorado at 8000 feet elevation. Been below 50 for the entire 3 weeks I've had car. At night 20-30. Use heat at 68 and low front seat heater. GT. Show 210-220 when 100%.
  2. Mach-E in snowy Cascade Mountains!

    I have nokians waiting to go on my GT. 8000 feet elevation in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.
  3. Mach-E only electric SUV with “above average reliability” says Consumer Reports Tesla, electric SUVs get poor scores from Consumer Reports Thu, November 18, 2021, 11:15 AM FILE PHOTO: A Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle is shown in Moscow By Joseph White (Reuters) -Vehicles from Tesla Inc...
  4. Heating impact on charge / range?

    You use 7.4kw more with heat onon your 95 mile journey.. Have an 88kwh battery I presume so about 8.4% of your total battery extra with the heat on.
  5. Heating impact on charge / range?

    Actually that's about a 20% difference ,not 4%.
  6. Frunk hard to close

    The basketball method seems to work well for me now.
  7. Fordpass killing Android Battery

    It was set for always and I unchecked the box. See what happens, thanks.
  8. Fordpass killing Android Battery

    So I want background app checked correct?? It is not optimized.
  9. Fordpass killing Android Battery

    The weird thing is yesterday the useage was 3% , today its 37%. 3 days ago it was 60% I'll try your suggestions. It doesn't flash that it's trying to connect, just a constant icon.
  10. Fordpass killing Android Battery

    Had iphone 1-6, switched then and have never looked back. There's tons of threads of it doing same thing to iPhone.
  11. Fordpass killing Android Battery

    Have a note 20 ultra. It constantly pops up fordpass trying to use as key or something like that. Seems that when my wife takes car my phone tries to connect and never stops.
  12. Fordpass killing Android Battery

    If I buy an iPhone I would have to trade the mme for a horse and buggy so the technology would be from same era. ;)
  13. Fordpass killing Android Battery

    My fordpass app is killing my battery. If I put it to sleep my PAAK doesnt work unless I run the app. Any solutions??
  14. Can you buy a 2nd mobile charger?

    There are 500 threads on this. Whole section on charging. Buy a chargepoint, juicebox , or grizzly and leave factory one in trunk for road trips.
  15. Mach-e GT

    From someone else on here the battery is $29000, so where exactly would you like to make the cuts??
  16. Phil Long Ford of CO Springs has a GT with a $15K ADM

    Sorry have to disagree with you as a generalization. Ordered my gt in April. Got it 10 days Go at phil long in denver. No issues besides they needed to call ford for details on option plan. Xplan pricing taken no problem, not added items, and option at 1.4% everybody was very professional and...
  17. Tailgate Spoiler alert

    With all due respect, it looks completely out of place.
  18. Frunk hard to close

    Anybody else have a problem closing the frunk. I "drop" it from recommended height and never gets past first latch. I have to really press down hard to get it close all the way. Worried about putting dents in the hood. Think I might have to take it in.