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  1. Build Back Better $12,000 tax credit?

    4 - in its current form there’s an income cap, making it more limiting than what is currently in effect.
  2. Mach-E in snowy Cascade Mountains!

    Wow. Never seen it look that dark in pics. Almost thought it was black with some Blue reflections on it.
  3. Mach-E in snowy Cascade Mountains!

    What color is that?
  4. Winter Washing Ideas?

    This is just not true. There are plenty of discussions and demonstrations out there from professional and enthusiast detailers who use this method straight through the winter on salt-covered cars. A Google search brings up tons of discussions on AutoGeek and Autopia with lots of photo and video...
  5. Winter Washing Ideas?

    Look for a product called Optimum No Rinse and look up the Garry Dean Wash method.
  6. Inno 466 Cargo Box + Seasucker Mounts + Seasucker Monkey Bar Roof Rack installed on Mach-E

    If you wrap a roof rack bar with a bungee cord it eliminates the noise. This video shows it using a bungee cord with hooks on either end, which works fine, but I think it looks leaner using a bungee with no hooks. You can buy bungee by the foot at a store like REI and just tie either end into a...
  7. Backing up to ChargePoint Home Flex

    Thought about pulling the trigger on the charger too, but then I’d eat up six months of warranty before my car gets here.
  8. Hard water and car washing

    When washing at home, use a product like Optimum No Rinse and use the Garry Dean Wash Method. You could even use distilled water for this, but the water isn’t on the surface very long, so you should be fine with regular tap water.
  9. Impacts of colder weather, GOM.. stop panicking!!!!!!!!!!

    Is the remote start on the way home important if it’s not plugged in? Isn’t that just extra battery wasted? (No car yet.)
  10. Remote start vs departure time

    What does it do if you remote start or schedule a start time outside of scheduled charging times? That is, if you set it to charge overnight from 11pm to 5am, and schedule a departure for 8am, will it still draw power from the EVSE?
  11. Ordered on October 1st, just got my "Order Confirmed" email from Ford today (Oct 20th)

    I talked to my dealer last night who comes highly recommended on here. He explained that for the way Ford is handling 2022 orders, there’s no difference in priority between 10-19. He laughed and said, “…but go tell the internet the dealer said your priority is 99 and watch them freak out.”
  12. Additional clarity on PSE&G providing up to $1500 for EVSE install

    I had also emailed them some questions and was surprised at how quickly and thoroughly they responded to me. Regarding the price of the charger itself, I don’t know the specifics yet but the federal government will give you 30% of the cost as a write off, or deduction, or something. Also, I...
  13. Snow Removal

    Don’t use a brush. Use a foam broom like the Snow Joe or Snobrum. Don’t rub it across the painted surface. Just push it into the snow and leave it an inch or so above the paint, then push or pull and it will often all come off in one sheet. For glass, I like the ice scrapers that have the mitt...
  14. Dealer handling fee (in addition to standard $1,100 handling and delivery fee)

    Vehicles get to the dealer and they etch the windows. The customer can choose to pay $200 for the VIN etching “insurance”. If the customer doesn’t want to pay for it, the windows are still already etched.
  15. New Jersey EV rebates. Anyone find anything?
  16. Dealer handling fee (in addition to standard $1,100 handling and delivery fee)

    Prior to ordering I talked to the sales manager. He put in writing that all vehicles on their lot have VIN etching as they come off the truck. There’s a $200 fee if I want the VIN etching insurance, but I don’t have to pay for that if I don’t want. The insurance provides some kind of coverage if...
  17. Backing up to ChargePoint Home Flex

    No Mach E yet, but planning to buy a ChargePoint Home Flex which comes with a 23’ cable. I’m trying to decide where to mount it. If it was on a wall, and I was backing up to the wall, how close would I have to get to the wall for that cable to reach? Thanks.
  18. New Jersey EV rebates. Anyone find anything?

    Check with your electric company. PSEG is offering up to $1500 for EVSE install.
  19. Question on electronic frunk release

    It’s more dangerous because it’s not a real button, and it’s in a place that’s easy to accidentally bump. I imagine they want to prevent a situation where someone hits it inadvertently and doesn’t realize it till they’re driving down the highway later.
  20. Dealer said they don't have the deposit

    Give the dealer a day or two and then call your credit card company. They will refund it instantly.