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  1. jrstinkfish

    Everyday Driver: Mach-E vs. ID.4 vs. Model Y comparison video

    Fair review overall, but when reviewers focus on opening the doors ... I still don't understand the dislike of the Mach-E door handles (or lack thereof). Front doors, you press the button and in the reverse motion you'd use anyway to get your hand back to your body, you grab the handle to open...
  2. jrstinkfish

    Stereo different in Select vs Premium trims?

    B&O sounds good to me, but I was also coming from a Chevy Bolt where the stereo sounded like it was being funnelled through a cardboard box. Only problem I have now that my AA doesn't cut out when playing music is that maybe half the time I start my car up, the audio is muted and I have to...
  3. jrstinkfish

    Trunk opened on its own and hit the garage door... Come on Ford!!!

    My hatch opened on its own Saturday night. I didn't even notice until Sunday morning when I walked by a window and saw it was open. I checked the Ring and it popped open around 10pm that night. Luckily no one decided to take a look around, and as far as I know, no critters got in there. My car...
  4. jrstinkfish

    TSB 21-2310 Various Sync 4 Concerns

    It's only been about 24 hours, but yeah, I like it. I am coming from a Z Fold2 which, while it is a great phone, is just too bulky when it's folded up (I am going to miss the real estate when unfolded, I can already tell...). I've got mine in a Spigen Tough Armor case, so the camera bump isn't...
  5. jrstinkfish

    TSB 21-2310 Various Sync 4 Concerns

    Just an update ... I received my Pixel 6 Pro yesterday, and wireless AA (so far!) no longer has the audio dropouts. Maybe it's something that is fixed in Android 12? BUt drove almost an hour today streaming music with no drops, which never happened with my Samsung.
  6. jrstinkfish

    TSB 21-2310 Various Sync 4 Concerns

    I thought I had a solution by choosing the low quality setting in my YouTube Music app, but that was fleeting. So .... fingers crossed!
  7. jrstinkfish

    TSB 21-2310 Various Sync 4 Concerns

    Nah, I don't think I've ever used it since I first tried it. I just keep my phone in my pocket, which is why I was so thrilled at the prospect of wireless Android Auto. It doesn't happen to everyone, but I'm one of the unlucky ones here with the issue.
  8. jrstinkfish

    TSB 21-2310 Various Sync 4 Concerns

    Please let this fix the intermittent sound dropouts while using wireless Android Auto, drives me nuts.
  9. jrstinkfish

    Trivial but annoying radio issue

    Try this. I had the same issue and this actually worked.
  10. jrstinkfish

    Ford and Sk Innovations to spend $11 billion on four new battery and EV plants

    Great news for my city (Memphis) 🤘 In your face, Nashville!
  11. jrstinkfish

    GM recommending customers park the Bolt fire machine 50 feet from others!

    The majority of gas-powered car fires occur while the car is being driven. Sucks for sure, but it's not the same danger as parking your EV inside a garage and coming back to find the EV and garage are no more.
  12. jrstinkfish

    Will the car turn off after a while?

    I did not realize it would shut itself off, and I went down to my car to take a nap in the back seat while staying with my mom at the hospital a couple of months ago. With the AC running, that big glass sunroof isn't a big deal with the Texas sun beating down on it ... but when the car turns...
  13. jrstinkfish

    Audio now starts off muted

    Has anyone had this issue? For about the past week or so, whenever I get in the car, the audio is OFF (the little power indicator in the middle of the dial is not lit up). I didn't do anything to change this, and I don't see any setting that would trigger this, and I am definitely not muting it...
  14. jrstinkfish

    Low speed humming

    You sure it's not the external sound meant to warn pedestrians at those speeds?
  15. jrstinkfish

    Why is the charge port door so awful?

    I just wish it would open and close reliably. I can count on one hand the number of times I've gotten it to close on the first try.
  16. jrstinkfish

    Gear shift "thingy" rotates counterclockwise beyond "P"?!!

    To be fair, the MME manual refers to it as a "gear selector knob" :)
  17. jrstinkfish

    Gear shift "thingy" rotates counterclockwise beyond "P"?!!

    I don't like it or dislike it, it just "is." I've grown so used to just spinning it all the way left or right with abandon that if I got into a car where it did actually try to stop me, chances are I'd be holding the loose dial itself up my face in confused horror.
  18. jrstinkfish

    FordPass Version 3.28.0 Rolling out

    Actually, the phantom unread message indicator just disappeared today after 3 months of using the app! It's only been a few hours, but so far, I don't miss it :)
  19. jrstinkfish

    Does anyone actually love their MME?

    Three months now for me, two round trips from TN to TX, and yeah, I still look forward to driving it. It might get annoying for others that I am always volunteering to drive us places, but I can't help it, I just love driving this car. Before this, my favorite car that I ever owned was my BMW...
  20. jrstinkfish

    GM Recalling All Chevy Bolts

    Glad I traded in my Bolt when I got my MME 🤸‍♂️