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  1. Polar

    Does 1430 KWh in one month seem right?

    Estimate vs Actual reading of the meter?
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    Why not use PAAK? Then no pocket bulk. It’s great not having any keys anymore.
  3. Polar

    My Mach-E has lost 20 Miles in capacity

    You forgot the before threads too.
  4. Polar

    Stunning How Ford Dealers are sabotaging the success of the brand....

    Thank you. I’ve called this out in other places - this is ridiculous “reporting” The original post stated one thing - but play a game of telephone and BOOM “Ford Exec”
  5. Polar

    Upgraded Wheels On My Mach-E

    I’d have assumed they were directional based on the drivers side profile.
  6. Polar

    Charging Math, Miles Per Dollar - Is this right?

    Assume ~90% efficiency from the EVSE.
  7. Polar

    5" stripes! Should I paint my calipers?

    Stripe Club- Represent! Select SR RWD member here - full wrap w/ stripes.
  8. Polar

    My GT does not have a front camera WTF

    My base select with no options has this camera. All do. It’s not from any map - the MachE reads the speed limit signs.
  9. Polar

    Mach -e Charging issues

    Floating Ground? Improperly wired GFI or bad AFCI breaker in panel? Is the 40 amp pigtail insterted into the charger **enough** it takes a bit of force to insert.
  10. Polar

    How to tuck cable behind screen?

    Buy a longer cable and run it around the long path along the top edge of windshield, down the A pillar, and under the dash. Hard as hell to see in the crappy pic but how is the mount mounted? To the glass or the top of the screen?
  11. Polar

    My GT does not have a front camera WTF

    Look at this guy over here picking up a GT off the damn lot! Like me with my Select month ago when inventory actually “existed” 👍😄
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    Passing power

  13. Polar

    Passing power

    I vote cancel …. But out of curiosity where is your dealer? Asking for a friend.
  14. Polar

    GTPE racing stripes and XPEL PPF applied

    So true - when I shared my completed wrap months ago some of the questions were why did you wrap your glass roof - 😄
  15. Polar

    GTPE racing stripes and XPEL PPF applied

    Stripe Club! welcome new member:D
  16. Polar

    Want to put low profile tires and curva concepts wheels on my 2021 mach e

    Some of the Curva wheels sure do look great - but only a few are offered in our bolt pattern and I’m not a fan of what is offered. They sell blanks so I guess you could also have them custom drilled. I want a set of Ferrada FR1 or FR4 myself; but have to build up the budget for them.
  17. Polar

    Help me pick a dash cam

    Garmin Tandem (front and interior) and a Mini2 for rear view. I run a Garmin 57 and 47 as my front rear cameras. Both can be hard wired and offer parking mode. The app is a bitch with CarPlay since CarPlay takes over the wifi signal - so take a bit extra work to get the videos off sometimes -...
  18. Polar

    Subwoofer Wiring Present? - Base Select

    Can answer myself now - we do not have the sub wiring. thanks @markboris for the assist!!