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  1. GW Shark

    Mustang Sally's Wardrobe is complete

    Llumar ceramic 80% on windshield. Really has reduced cabin heat on hot days if parked in the sun. Same ceramic tint in 35% on front side windows. My state has a legal limit of 27%. I left the rear windows and hatch alone.
  2. GW Shark

    Mustang Sally's Wardrobe is complete

    As they say in my neck of the woods "You done good!" Beautiful job!
  3. GW Shark

    Christmas Presents for Mach E owner

    I got the windshield tint (Llumar ceramic 80%). It should be in your price range and is very effective (live in the deep South - the cabin is much cooler on hot days). I wouldn't have it applied until after your windshield has been re-seated (if you are part of the recall).
  4. GW Shark

    Apple Car Play issue?

    After finally having Carplay work consistently for a month or so, it will no longer connect. This occurred Sunday for no apparent reason (I don't see how the planned Fordpass interruption could have had an impact). I'll have to troubleshoot until I can get it to work again.
  5. GW Shark

    PPF with Racing Stripes?

    I don't have center stripes (just side ones) but do have PPF and ceramic coating. In my research (and backed up by my PPF installer), it would be PPF first (installer should ensure surface is properly cleaned and prepared), then stripes (if needed to be repaired or removed, then the PPF is not...
  6. GW Shark

    Help me pick a dash cam

    The Ford dashcam is made by Thinkware (it is the F200 model) and does have a Sync4 interface. The cam is $329 (front and rear) and you can purchase installation as a package at the Ford Store. I believe installation can...
  7. GW Shark

    Picked Up My Space White GT Performance

    She's a beauty! Congratulations and welcome!
  8. GW Shark

    Help me pick a dash cam

    Some of the higher end models have the ability via their own app to download wirelessly (rather than physically removing the card). Others can remotely playback but you must have a SIM card or the car must have an active hotspot (internet accessible). I don't know of any that specifically...
  9. GW Shark

    GTPE racing stripes and XPEL PPF applied

    Nicely done. Makes just enough of a statement.
  10. GW Shark

    Help me pick a dash cam

    I would really check on the Ford Sync issue. Thinkware does make the Ford dashcam and that one does integrate with Ford Sync. The straight Thinkware units may not. The Ford unit is a Thinkware F200.
  11. GW Shark

    Help me pick a dash cam

    Based on your requirements, you would be in the market for a 3 channel (3 camera) setup. I just ordered the Viofo 139. The manufacturer has a sale going on at their site. It was 20% off plus free shipping and no tax collected. ($211 total). I second the idea of getting an external battery...
  12. GW Shark

    Space gray vs star white

    The stripe came from these folks. I recommend if you have no experience at doing the application, you hire it out to a vinyl wrap shop. It will save you hours of frustration...
  13. GW Shark

    Space gray vs star white

    Ford did some interesting things with both "white" colors. The first MME I drove was Space White and you are certainly correct about the color shift, which I like. The one I bought is Star Metallic White ( it was an available demo at MSRP), which is a brighter white. The sparkles only show...
  14. GW Shark

    Front License Plate Bracket sucks - how to repair holes?

    I feel your pain on the cost, but the color match is spot on for Star White Metallic, which is a tri coat with sparkles. And they have held up well with no chipping or flaking. You could get the stock black ones from a hardware/auto shop for a couple of bucks and use Ford's $20 touchup...
  15. GW Shark

    Front License Plate Bracket sucks - how to repair holes?

    They should be able to get you the exact color. I'd be surprised if it isn't available soon.
  16. GW Shark

    California Ford Car Cover with Charging Port

    I have one of these covers and you should not charge with it completely covering the front of the car. The vents need to access fresh air for cooling. I simply pull it back to about halfway on top of the hood when charging. The material is thin, flexible but very strong (think thick parachute...
  17. GW Shark

    Front License Plate Bracket sucks - how to repair holes? Expensive (relatively speaking) but worth it. Be sure to use the correct Ford color code and for 3 holes you will need two packs.
  18. GW Shark

    Front Grill and spoiler Vinyl wrapped

    Been doing some research and it appears black vinyl wrap will not affect the performance of the sensors. Of course, I'd check with installers to make sure this is correct. I'm just going off of antidotal examples in other forums.
  19. GW Shark

    FordPass 3.34.0 just released on iPhone

    Be sure and check your two apps permissions - Carplay and FordPass - to make sure any updates didn't turn off permissions to use Bluetooth. That was my issue a month ago, due to an update. Turned BT on - everything worked.