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  1. EV tax credits in Build Back Better Act - income limit?

    I’m privileged because I went to college for eight years to earn a four year degree, took risks and busted my ass for three decades.
  2. Does 1430 KWh in one month seem right?

    That seems very high. The “average” California home uses about 750 kWh per month with no EV.
  3. All-electric households?

    I live on the left coast and I’m not ready to go all electric and my wife is way, way off. Besides the MME, we have a Grand Cherokee and a 3/4 ton Ram Turbo Cummins diesel.
  4. Premium > GT Front Bumper Conversion

    Why? Why would you do this?
  5. Getting my Mach E tomorrow; any tips to prepare?

    Please say more about the free charger. I brought home my MME three weeks or so ago and heard nothing about it. How can I find out more?
  6. Always plug in in your garage?

    So 100% is 90%. Excellent.
  7. Always plug in in your garage?

    Why only charge to 90%? I charge to 100% every single time and have with all three of my previous EVs.
  8. Mach-E GT purchase process and review — First Two Weeks

    Thanks to all who have replied with helpful tips. I’ll definitely turn off the voice assist—I can’t imagine I’ll ever use it. As for the brake noise being computer generated and done on purpose for safety, I need to check that out. Someone asked: I named her Beauty. I’m glad the engineers...
  9. Space gray vs star white

    My space white GT beauty. She gets constant compliments from random strangers.
  10. Mach-E GT purchase process and review — First Two Weeks

    I have previously owned a Chevy Volt and then a Bolt. I enjoyed them both, but I wanted an upgrade after turning the Bolt back in at the end of the lease in late October. I test drive the Tesla 3 and Tesla Y. While the 3 was crazy fast, I liked the Y better. To me, it just felt more substantial...
  11. Differences between Mach-E GT and GT Performance Edition?

    I do not notice any bounce in my GT.
  12. Mach-E Sales Jump 76.9% in October 2021

    My local dealer received 5 MME’s on a Friday night and all were sold by noon on Saturday. There were literally people standing in line to test drive.
  13. Mach-e GT

    I love the interior of the GT. Never once compared it to a previous Mustang.