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  1. ManInBlack

    Mach-E only electric SUV with “above average reliability” says Consumer Reports

    The part I find most interesting is that if you search Mach E reliability in google the only search items returned are articles about how unreliable Tesla was rated. Why are media outlets not giving other great EVs there due and what’s with this obsession over Tesla being the only EV company...
  2. ManInBlack

    How to charge battery at less then 100%.

    Must be nice to have time of use pricing. I live in PA and we don’t have it. So I charge whenever plugged in.
  3. ManInBlack

    Alexa integration coming soon to Ford Sync on Mach-E and F-150?

    You can already start your car with Alexa from inside the house. I currently do this. I do not think that full Alexa integration with the MME came with 1.7.1. I’ll check later today.
  4. ManInBlack

    Help me decide: Mach-E or Model Y

    Argh! This is so frustrating to hear this. Sales people should know about the tech they are selling. As another poster said, there is no way for the MME to communicate with the supercharger network. It’s only for destination EVSEs. I think that explaining basic electrical engineering to most...
  5. ManInBlack

    PaaK Beginning to Misbehave again? iPhone 13? iOS 15.0.1? Ghosts in the Machine? Elon Musk Hacking my Phone?

    I’m am so happy this PAAK thread ended up being fun instead of the usual outrage and we all realize the privilege we have to complain about using our phone as a key in our awesomely cool MMEs. I actually smiled reading this one, so thanks everyone. Cheers. PS - my MME prefers New Orleans style...
  6. ManInBlack

    Windshield Glass Recall 21C22

    Thank you for reminding everyone that cars are complex and difficult to make. All manufacturers have issues and defects. The amount of “I can’t believe ford would do this” on this forum from non-MME owners is quite tiresome. It’s difficult to make cars and get humans and robots to perfectly...
  7. ManInBlack

    Low speed humming

    I played the video on my iPhone. Sounds like instrument panel buzz to me. Very annoying. Luckily, my MME does not have this issue (sorry, not trying to rub it in). Admittedly, it’s hard to tell where it’s coming from in the video. So it might not be the buzz from the display but it also didn’t...
  8. ManInBlack

    Why no Anti-Matter Blue? Tri-coat Red, White... Please Ford?

    I’d be all over a Bullitt Green Mach E. This is the way.
  9. ManInBlack

    Bought Demo Car & Dealer Wants me to Assign (Give) it Ford’s $7500 Incentive One Month After Sale with Backdated Signature

    Do not sign anything that has to be “backdated” that is complete fraud. In fact, I’d reach out to corporate Ford and the BBB. Why would you ever give 7500 additional to the dealer a month after purchasing?
  10. ManInBlack

    Weird Software behavior

    I have never had any of the above issue and recommend you make an appointment with the dealer for software updates. That would make me nervous that something would go wrong where the car doesn’t start or unlock next.
  11. ManInBlack

    Frunk Open Button (via App) Update

    It’s actually in the settings tile. So go to account, then click settings and then scroll to the bottom.
  12. ManInBlack

    PAAK is now BRICK :(

    Did you just update your app on you phone? Do you used iPhones or Androids? You still have your key fob right? And the passcode backup? the term brick really means to me that you can’t drive your car (it’s now just a brick). So, the title is a bit confusing.
  13. ManInBlack

    MME Not a long-term vehicle. How come?

    Dodge announced BEVs in the most cringeworthy way possible. Search YouTube for the announcement.
  14. ManInBlack

    PAAK functional Survey

    I voted that I sometime have to mess around with it but now I really understand how it works after a couple of months. The Bluetooth has to reconnect either by the phone sending the signal to the car or the car requesting it (via button push). Sometimes there is a delay after door button push...
  15. ManInBlack

    BlueCruise sign up offer invite

    I got mine and signed up too. I didn’t realize you had to pay for beta access. That seems little silly given the service we are providing back to Ford. I can understand having to pay when it is finally released but until then… All that said, I’m still gonna buy it. Why the hell not? I already...
  16. ManInBlack

    Preparing for Mach-E charging at home - preparation and installing charger

    I used the mobile charger at home. It’s installed in my wall with a 14-50 plug. Never had to take it off the wall yet. At 30 amps the charging is quiet, meaning the car doesn’t need to kick on the cooling system (which is loud!).
  17. ManInBlack

    Electric statement made with vinyl

    Inspiration? I would have done more like this, but I have an IMB and the yellow would make people puke next to the blue.
  18. ManInBlack

    Is Infinite Blue permanently discontinued?

    they definitely need a Bullitt green.
  19. ManInBlack

    Tesla to open charging network

    I guess I don’t understand why we don’t, as a society, just make the decision to do the right thing and invest in the infrastructure ourselves (politicians that will actually lead for people) not relying on corporations or single individuals (eg Musk) to decide how we plan our future on this...