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  1. Peaceowl

    GT PE Seats - Headrests

    I’m a girl, 5’7”, so this may have no value. I can’t stand a headrest hitting me in the back of the head or pushing my head forward. I was worried about this because I do have neck problems. My biggest worry when picking up our GTPE. it turned out to be not perfect, but after adjusting the seat...
  2. Peaceowl

    So what is the best method for keeping the 12 V charged?

    Ahhh, thanx so much Tim, and everyone, great explanation. Looks like I’ve been reading way too many posts from the past😏.🥺 I was just pondering the purchase of a volt reader for a quick check via the outlet Rather than a trickle charger. Electric cars need different tools than the ice cars...
  3. Peaceowl

    So what is the best method for keeping the 12 V charged?

    We’ve only had the car for a few weeks so I am unsure if anything needs charged. It appears in the forum that many times the glitches some are having leads to the discovery of a bad 12 v. I have wondered all along why this could happen to brand new cars. Noticing similar problems in other car...
  4. Peaceowl

    So what is the best method for keeping the 12 V charged?

    So far I have not found the answer to making sure the 12 V is properly charged. Mainly I am trying to understand the cars resource for the battery to remain operable. Not just when it’s parked for too long, but how is the car designed to charge it? Is it continually? it’s been 40 years since...
  5. Peaceowl

    Hello from Omaha Nebraska

    Hello and welcome to the forum. Alot of experience here, the search link will give you a wealth of information towards your mme. Hope it’s April for you!
  6. Peaceowl Names Mach-E Its 2021 Family Car of the Year

    Picnics in the sun, without looking like a Lincoln!🤩😎 wont be late for school anymore either!😏🤣
  7. Peaceowl

    MME was delivered to dealership DOA.

    You may be lucky to get a total battery pack . I’m just guessing but most cars were sitting around for months waiting for chips. It could be the only answer to why there are so many battery problems this year. You will have a fresh start on your car and may have none of the issues others have...
  8. Peaceowl

    Selling up to a Premium ER AWD and First Impressions (Long) vs. Select Mach-E

    Now that’s the way it should be! I hate it when people say you’re in for huge losses as soon as you drive it off the lot! Congrats and enjoy!
  9. Peaceowl

    GT Style Grill Vinyl for Mach-E Premium

    Just outstanding! Best I’ve seen so far.
  10. Peaceowl

    Christmas Presents for Mach E owner

    Top of the line car towels and detail kit, foam washer, all new cloths and sponges. (😏I made my husband throw away all our old dirty car wash stuff) gets expensive! pretty cool other mustang stuff online.
  11. Peaceowl

    10/7 Build - Strange status update from dealer

    I think I’d ask to see the notification from Ford as it might solve some of the anxiety, so you can relax and trust your dealer. May be fishy like you stated, if no one can produce proof. I mostly don’t trust dealers.
  12. Peaceowl

    C&D: Would You Rather: BMW M4 Competition or Ford Mustang Mach-E GT?

    If I preferred the beemer m4 that’s what I would have bought! How could they compare these two cars! Duhh….they must have meant this question to be asked to non-owners. I don’t like the bmw dual oversized grills either. What they fail to realize is a lot of Mach e owners have owned higher end...
  13. Peaceowl

    Help me name my car... LOL

    Gabby? Blumoon? Yu talking for license plate? Grablue, blue kWh? Avatar? Blumach, blu eyed.
  14. Peaceowl

    What is the factory tint on the back windows?

    Well…it would be a good idea to ask, eh? I mean it could be too blue or too green, etc….
  15. Peaceowl

    -35F\-37C Real World Mach-E Range Test. What could go wrong?

    Incredible story, and you rugged guys, surely are a lot tougher than most of us. Thanks for stepping up and taking the time to teach us what we need to know. You made it so interesting! Even those who live in populated cold areas would struggle, but not you in the most difficult situation. Thanks
  16. Peaceowl

    Had to get the glamour shot of my new Shadow Black GT. Can’t wait to get it tinted!

    Really awesome shot! So appropriate in the charcoal clouds! Beautiful car, have fun.
  17. Peaceowl

    Tesla QUADRUPLED Supercharger Prices Overnight

    a sign of the times for all electricity, I suppose. musk is getting ready to nail all of us who use their chargers soon. And if Electrify America doesn’t raise their prices Tesla cars will be bottlenecked right along side of us. id like to see comparisons of the best hybrids against gas and...
  18. Peaceowl

    How to Recondition/Service Your 12V Battery

    Thank you for your time and info.
  19. Peaceowl

    Edmunds: Mach-E GT vs. Model Y Performance Comparison Review

    as mad as I am, I am loving this GTPE. Enough to hang on to it for awhile. It does leave another rock in the stomach tho regarding Ford. Time will tell, depending on how Ford handles this deception. Again, they knew early on. their decision might be based on the safety side, or perhaps on an...
  20. Peaceowl

    (Wishful)Ford to change 5 second acceleration boost to 7.5 seconds after Mach E GT/GTPE battery analysis is completed

    Heck might as well ask for 11 secs to catch up with the other e-cars 🤔 anyone know of any other e-cars have limitations? Just curious, and also is this only involving GTs, or all MMEs?