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  1. pumasalad

    FordPass 3.35.0 Released

    On inviting Facebook in. ford might as well make the car unlock code show on the big screen when the car locks. what a dumb thing to do.
  2. pumasalad

    Do not buy a Mach E if you're expecting a high tech car

    1. start and top the car from anywhere in the world... ok, not sure why I want to start the car when I'm not there with it, but ok. 2. Lock/Unlock and start the car all while having the phone in my pocket... works 50% of the time. Ford recommends you take the phone OUT of your pocket to start...
  3. pumasalad

    Do you regret the panoramic sun roof

    I absolutely HATE it. my head gets sunburned when I go places for any length of time in my car. I don't want to have to wear a hat. I don't know why every EV thinks it's a good idea. I hope this design trend ends soon, before my lease is up. I'm surprised that all the people in front of me here...
  4. pumasalad

    The nuances of PAAK for the Mach-E

    What does it mean when you walk up to the car and it lights up and it still won't unlock? Which step do I go to? Also, after being stranded 100 yards from my driveway and a total fail of Paak, I never leave home without the Ford key in my pocket. But, sometimes the doors don't unlock with the...
  5. pumasalad

    "iTs NoT a MuStAnG!"

    we haven't experienced anything but "hey that's a cool car" from anyone. The real problem is when they ask me how I like it. The only positive thing I can say is "it's all electric and it has about a 300 mile range, so that's nice." but when they ask for details, all the little things start...
  6. pumasalad

    Mach E Owners Without Issues

    Forget PaaK. I've gotten into the habit of carrying the one keydongle that came with the car because PaaK is so unreliable. And yesterday, the passenger door wouldn't open, even though I had the actual key in my pocket. I took the key out of my pocket, showed it to the car, and it still wouldn't...
  7. pumasalad

    Mach-E stranded on a 3,000+ mile road trip due to faulty HV battery module. Full battery swap required.

    my mach-e is my first Ford. with the issues surrounding the order, and then the bugs all over the interface, the utter failure of the keyless car scenario, and the stories like this one and the ones coming out of Norway, it'll probably be my last Ford. I'm hoping that the one I have doesn't give...
  8. pumasalad

    Mach E Owners Without Issues

    CarPlay works most of the time without issue. There are usually at least two of us in the car with two iPhones. CarPlay usually defaults to my phone. When it works (90% of the time) it connects quickly and flawlessly. When it falls off the rails, it is pretty near impossible to get it to work. I...
  9. pumasalad

    Another Weekend Trip, Another problem

    ...or the time the car drove fine to our destination and then would not start with ford pass to come home. thank goodness I had set up a password to start the car! Now I never leave home without the fob in my pocket. The Fob that is twice as big as any other car key fob that I've ever had.
  10. pumasalad

    Does anyone know what this little flag and the 5 means on my dash?

    Does Ford have a tally for how many annoying bugs there are in the system? or is that counter buggy too? it's like death by a thousand cuts with the Mach-e software. I like the car, but things like this and not being able to deactivate the motion sensors in the car are making me miss my i3.
  11. pumasalad

    Does anyone know what this little flag and the 5 means on my dash?

    "Easter Egg"... in video games is usually a bonus. in Ford it seems more like a bug. I have never used the Ford map, I only use CarPlay and my phone. Plus it always says "5 mi" regardless of where the car is. If I'm at home, or 200 miles from home. It always says 5 miles. I'll go into the...
  12. pumasalad

    Does anyone know what this little flag and the 5 means on my dash?

    I've included a picture that shows what I'm looking at. On the dash display behind my steering wheel, right under the range indicator and above the batter level, there's a mysterious "5 mi" with a little racing flag next to it. Can anyone tell me what that means? I haven't seen it in picture of...