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  1. AlpaChino

    Dealer markup or MSRP poll

    I bought a dealer demo that had 900 miles on it. They required that it have 2000 miles before selling it. I asked if they'd let me put 1000 miles in it over the next few days and they happily obliged. I loved the car (still do) but that was a lot of local driving. Ruby and I got to know each...
  2. AlpaChino

    Wish those map lights could turn off? Learn this one easy trick in one minute or less.

    So we took the family camping this year, utilizing the fold down seats for a sheltered sleeping area, but those darn blue map lights... they won't turn off. Believe it or not this can make sleeping a challenge, as you can cover the screens easily with a fabric of any kind, but not so easily with...
  3. AlpaChino

    Custom Vanity Plates - What's Yours?

    My wife always orders her drinks without ice. Seeing as this was my first EV, I thought it fit. :)
  4. AlpaChino

    Lets design a window louvers cover with us!

    #1 in gloss black
  5. AlpaChino

    Axle clunk

    I just took my MME4X out for a spin because I suspected something similar in mine. I can confirm the same symptoms (built Nov 2020). I have an appointment already set for Monday to deal with the windshield and glass roof recall, I will be calling in tomorrow morning to add this to the list.
  6. AlpaChino

    Charging Shock Experienced With Home Charger

    Turn off your breaker to that circuit immediately and call a different electrician for a full safety check. Do not call a buddy or friend, or the cheapest general contractor you can find. Please call a real electrician so no one gets hurt.
  7. AlpaChino

    GT Pony Ornament Lighting Up

    I think this is what grandma called a "Christmas miracle" or something.
  8. AlpaChino

    Anyone thrown a Christmas Tree on top of the car yet?

    Moderator, please ban this person for such a horrific, dangerous and irresponsible thought and the audacity to post it. Thank you. /s
  9. AlpaChino

    FordPass 3.35.0 Released

    I'd much rather have the option of a remote frunk release and BlueCruise than shit like this.
  10. AlpaChino

    Preconditioning Question - Still charging outside of preset hours?

    From what I'm gathering, it seems that the charge times are quite literal. If you start your vehicle outside of a planned departure time, and that time isn't within a planned "charging window" it will draw power from your battery and not your home.
  11. AlpaChino

    Preconditioning Question - Still charging outside of preset hours?

    Thanks for the response. Ideally I want it to charge between my designated times of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. . But if I leave it plugged in outside of that time and I decide to start it remotely to warm up the cabin and precondition it I would love it to use the level 2 charger to draw power and...
  12. AlpaChino

    Preconditioning Question - Still charging outside of preset hours?

    As we move into the winter months more and more of us will be depending on preconditioning to maximize our effeciency before traveling. I understand that preconditioning happens when departure times are assigned in fordpass/sync. However, is preconditioning, while utilizing my level 2 charger as...
  13. AlpaChino

    Tailgate Spoiler alert

    For a gloss black plastic trim held on by 3M, I'd anticipate the price to be much closer to the aeroskin hood protector that uses the same concept and roughly the same size for about 75-100 dollars. $199 will be a tough sell for some.
  14. AlpaChino

    Star White Premium De-Baged & Tinted

    Absolutely love it. I think you've convinced me to debadge my own and a good reminder I need tinting done.
  15. AlpaChino

    I'm looking for a TSB comprehensive list

    Perfect, this is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!!
  16. AlpaChino

    I'm looking for a TSB comprehensive list

    With many of us heading to the dealers before the end of the year to address the windshield and glass roof recall, I thought it might be handy to have a comprehensive TSB list available as a checklist of sorts to keep in mind as we make our appointments. I've looked at the issues warranty recall...
  17. AlpaChino

    How to Recondition/Service Your 12V Battery

    Give this man a Pulitzer. This is an excellent write up that will be used for many years. Thank you.
  18. AlpaChino

    Mach-E GTPE showing 166 miles @ 100% Charge

    Reset your ev driving history in sync and see what your GOM says. If there is a massive improvement, then it's likely your drive style is contributing to a lower average efficiency. I drive a premium 4x, and yes I've noticed a lower estimate due to colder temps in the Midwest (I'm in Indiana...