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  1. FordPass - somebody should get fired

    I have a functional frunk button in FP. I use it a lot. Luckily for me FP has been an angel.
  2. The dealer gave my reserved vehicle away I waited six months for

    I'm so sad and angry for you too. Due to this chip shortage, dealers are laughing with glee while selling cars at high ADM and dont honor what they say. They dont need to. Its a seller's market. My own dealership basically laughed at me when i wanted no ADM , Ford Options, and X Plan. THey said...
  3. E Heat Question

    From the manual it says if you want to cool your cabin, set to Auto. If you want to heat your cabin , set to Auto. Both EHeat and AC comes on to do what it needs to do and hasnt failed me yet.
  4. [Guide] Better Jump Point Access (Battery Access)

    fabulous! lol now i gotta find someone near me who can do this. I dont own any tools.
  5. FordPass 3.35.0 Released

    Damn i know the frunk can now hold stuff .. didnt think everyone would be trying to fill it up with 5 liters of vegetable juice.
  6. Space gray vs star white

    I also have space white and it’s beautiful in the sunlight. It’s a very soft shimmery white. But I agree with others in other lighting it slightly looks white grey. I didn’t like this color in photos bc it just looked light grey and originally ordered the mme in black but when I saw the color...
  7. Ford options not available

    I tried taking a picture of it, but its really hard to see with the reflection in the glass. It just looks like someone took a razor and etched lines into the glass.
  8. Ford options not available

    After a long long week, I'm done with paper work. Done with Options, done with dealerships. I'm in love with my car. I find excuses just to go out and drive.
  9. Ford options not available

    @StrWhtMME yes, i showed them the website with ford options and everything. Update for whats been going on.. @hybrid2bev thank you so much for the help. The rep contacted the dealership and they got trained Friday on how to work Ford Options and had their system updated. I was able to take...
  10. Ford options not available

    I work in Alpharetta so this is no biggie on the drive. I’ll def order my next mache from them.
  11. Ford options not available

    @Ford Motor Company This is extremely disappointing. My dealership said they opted out of Ford Options. They do not want to deal with "balloon payments" or pay to upgrade their system to accept Ford Options. This feels like false advertisement on Ford's part since its not available at all...
  12. Ford options not available

    Not yet. Still waiting on dealership to figure out what Ford Options is. Worst come to worst I guess I will just need to through a traditional financing.
  13. Online Finalizing - Tax outrageous

    I wonder if this is a typo from the dealership or purposefully done so people have to go through financing department. When I got my paperwork in person, the tax was correct.
  14. Online Finalizing - Tax outrageous

    Is there an issue with the website? I am trying to finish up the paper work on Ford website and when I got to my tax, it was estimated at 463k. Am I in a black hole or another dimension I dont know about? I live in the US and my address is correct.
  15. Ford options not available

    At least yours tried! Mine was adamant it was not a thing.
  16. Ford options not available

    @hybrid2bev is helping me I’m so glad. The dealership said they don't do what Ford does. Ford cant offer Ford Options but since their system is not updated they don't offer it. What was even worst was I called Ford Credit from the Ford page and i told them the dealership is unaware of Ford...
  17. Ford options not available

    This is Gwinnett place ford in Georgia.
  18. Ford options not available

    After waiting more than half a year to pick up my car. The dealership says they don’t know what ford options are and they can’t do it. What can I do? I’m slightly panicking and sad.