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  1. Car and Driver review

    “That's a rather strange cop-out on a car that has an Unbridled Extended drive mode that's for track use only.” Give it to em, C&D.
  2. Mach-E only electric SUV with “above average reliability” says Consumer Reports

    The article highlights Tesla's build issues and I know lots of EV's have unreliable infotainment systems (The Volvo one seems especially buggy) but for me reliability lives and dies on powertrain. Software issues can be fixed and even minor electrical problems addressed but battery and motor...
  3. First major failure at 2100 miles

    Such a weird thing that all these EV’s from various brands have software crashes and similar issues. My home computer and even cell phone are high tech and rarely if ever crash, and they have all kinds of random software on them. I test drove an XC40 Recharge (awesome) and the UI crashed. I was...
  4. MME ER 4X vs. XC40 Recharge

    @FLmac The saleswoman gave me some questionable info, I corrected my post to say that Car Play isn’t available which is a fairly big deal for me too. The X factor is that the XC40 has 4 years of unlimited data and can run Spotify/Maps and other android apps natively so maybe I just wouldn’t need...
  5. 2020 Taycan 4S vs 2021 Ford Mach-E GT comparison by owner

    Does the GT have a newer infotainment CPU being newer? I’ve heard Kyle from out of spec say the GT felt a lot less laggy than the previous models he drove.
  6. MME ER 4X vs. XC40 Recharge

    My wife went with me for both drives and felt like the backseats were roughly equivalent but even a couple inches difference can feel like a lot. I have a 1 year old boy and we're gonna have another next year hopefully. Two small boston terriers too for short trips to the dog park. For as long...
  7. MME ER 4X vs. XC40 Recharge

    I thought I'd share some preliminary thoughts after test driving each of these this weekend. At first (and probably second) glance they're different cars for different buyers but they overlap enough to appeal both to my desire for a peppy EV thats big enough to fit a couple kids and small dogs...
  8. Mach-E GT Press incoming

    Ok now compare them to the Polestar 2 ones :) speaking of which did the polestar 2 infotainment screen crash at any point during your review?
  9. Mach-E GT Press incoming

    Am I correct in presuming this is the out of spec YouTube guy? If so I love your vids, been watching all the recent EV ones.
  10. Mach-E GT Brembo Brake decal?

    So to confirm; the calipers are the same model as on the GTPE they just added the brembo logo to the PE and left the GT red?
  11. 5000 commute miles on MME SR AWD - results and takeaways

    So any issues relating to PAAK or not having two key fobs wouldn't mean too much for me. As long as I can reliably use the car at any time when needed those other issues are just an annoyance at most.
  12. 5000 commute miles on MME SR AWD - results and takeaways

    If PAAK fails/is locked in the car, cant you use door combo to get in and then also a passcode on the screen to start? Granted annoying but could this be a solution for not needing a phone or key, or am I missing something?
  13. Iced Blue Silver Metallic thoughts

    I really wish they’d offer the Bronco palette. Id be Area 51 in a heartbeat. Cactus grey too.
  14. EV6 Launch, Ionic 5 Drive, Polestar 2 Vs MME

    seems odd considering the (lesser) EV6 first edition is around that same price. you’d think the 576hp GT would get a premium
  15. EV6 Launch, Ionic 5 Drive, Polestar 2 Vs MME

    what would that make it in USD? I know the pounds to dollars conversion with cars is different than with everything else. How much was the launch edition EV6 in the UK?
  16. EV6 Launch, Ionic 5 Drive, Polestar 2 Vs MME

    My question is how will the EV6 GT compare to MMEGT in both performance and price. At 58k for the launch edition I wonder if the pricing will be comparable
  17. Cheapest Path to a Mach E

    @ARK Thats comforting to hear, thanks. I know as soon as the lightning hits it’ll be a huge surge. I was kind of a Ford hater until the Mach. Since then I’ve seen them make a lot of good moves with the Bronco, lightning. I‘ve come aboard
  18. 2022 Mach-E ordering (hopefully) starts on September 30th. Who's ordering?

    So im hoping to get a Mach next summer (June at the earliest probably). How long in advance should I place an order?
  19. Cheapest Path to a Mach E

    Well this is helpful and sobering. I had no idea they were even near that level of sales. I can't say I'm thrilled with rolling the dice on wether it'll be there once my reservation is fulfilled, refundable deposit or not. Thanks for this info.