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  1. Ugly truth about Mach E - dealerships don’t know how to fix or troubleshoot them

    Be glad you got a POS to drive while your POS was at the dealer. I took mine in for the recalls and had to use family to pick me up and drop me off. Didn’t even get the recalls done. At least they are working on your issues.
  2. FordPass 3.35.0 Released

    Because this thread has gone around this corner I’ll put my 2 cents worth in. Facebook sucks. I’m also not on any other major social platforms other than a few forums. Conspiracy theorist? Maybe so. Think it’s not happening at all? Don’ t kid yourselves. We have accepted being tracked like it's...
  3. Getting my Mach E tomorrow; any tips to prepare?

    Don’t forget about your deposit.
  4. Glass Roof and Windshield Recall (too early)

    Yes, yes they are. Service advisor had the nerve to ask me for a good review when I get the survey in the mail. He said I can bash Ford and the car all I want to but please give him good marks.
  5. Glass Roof and Windshield Recall (too early)

    So interesting to read all this. My dealer scheduled my appointment 2 weeks out, yes before the November date specified but scheduled it for this week, after that date. I mainly did it so close because I needed some updates to some modules and wanted to get it all done. So my dealer informs me...
  6. dealer refusal to perform recall service

    My dealer says 9 times out of 10 the glass will break when removing the windshield and is ordering a new one. This is done by a 3rd party like most others. They don’t have a body shop and said I have to take it somewhere else for the pano.:( I don’t even have wind noise.
  7. Passing power

    You people scare the shit out of me! Get a handle on what you are doing please…..
  8. BEWARE of the paint on the GT

    If you started off thinking it was on the paint but was actually a chip, the pressure washer will do that. Even on the best paint.
  9. How-to DIY: Disable Double Honk with Mach-E Running in FORScan

    LOL Forscan has been around for a long time. The double horn honk is when you leave your car running and get out with your key or phone, you get a double honk. There are a LOT of things you can change in the car with Forscan that are not available through menus on the vehicle.. I’ve been using...
  10. MME vs. EV6

    Butt that ass! Eww
  11. Front License Plate Bracket sucks - how to repair holes?

    I did also and live in Texas. The holes were drilled much too large for the plugs to fit correctly but I used silicone and that keeps them from falling out. You can ask their support if they have larger ones. I would have did that but it was too late when I got them. Luckily they...
  12. How-to DIY: Disable Double Honk with Mach-E Running in FORScan

    Wow this is awesome! Can’t wait since I take my phone with me when I get my mail out of habit. Now we need bambi mode lol.
  13. FordPower-Up 1.7.1 followed by Stop Safely Now.

    AWD OFF warning is interesting
  14. Car fell apart in my garage?

    The park brake doesn’t have to be on for the car to set it. You probably have brake hold on. Mine does this also not in a wet environment though not to this extent. Seems normal to me if you are in a wet environment. The thumping sound is the rusty spot on the rotor where the pads were. Apply...
  15. Ambient Lighting

    Is there no rear seat ambient lighting or is this another software issue my Premium has? I even looked at the owners manual. It didn’t give up any information.
  16. Who else is excited waiting for snow?

    I expect vids of both forward and reverse donuts.