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  1. imstriker

    All-electric households?

    Fair, but changing that variable just means another way your life may have to change. Towing is just not efficient, no doubt. My Gladiator drops about in half on MPG when I tow our camper so I would expect the same. However, it's really easy to fill that small tank back up in a few minutes...
  2. imstriker

    FordPass - somebody should get fired

    I would agree with this one. This is the first version that I am willing to let run unrestricted on my Pixel 5. PAAK has been a lot more reliable for me since allowing again. However, I will say there is one caveat. I have had two times where my battery spun out due to FordPass still. A...
  3. imstriker

    Roof and Windshield Recall

    I have mine scheduled for Monday. They are supposed to be completing the recall and software updates. My dealer was very confused as well and thought the roof was being removed. He ordered a new part for it, which I'm hoping is really just the shove in the gap gasket kit. After talking to...
  4. imstriker

    All-electric households?

    I love my Nexstar 8SE. It does amazing things even in light pollution. Oh, and it runs on batteries so now this is on topic!
  5. imstriker

    All-electric households?

    The Rivian info coming out is showing a 62% drop in range for towing. Let's be generous and say the F150 does 200 miles. Then you have to find a way to charge with a camper sitting behind you. That just does not sound fun to me.
  6. imstriker

    All-electric households?

    As we sit right now, we could not even go all electric for travel. There are several reasons that keep us with at least one gas vehicle today... High school/travel hockey requires driving to places where the infrastructure is not ready. We made a trip to Evansville two weekends ago and are...
  7. imstriker

    Standing out in the cold to push a button.

    Never had to hit a button with the free plug and charge balance either. Just connected and away it went.
  8. imstriker

    Automatic Seat Warmer??

    Pretty sure it has always been there. I've used it for quite a while at least. It's just a little convoluted to turn on, I imagine most would not notice it.
  9. imstriker

    Let’s Clean Up FordPass

    Love all the UI ideas. I'm not a UI guy so I'll let you all hash that out. My biggest wish right now is that someone teaches FordPass that walking 2mph is not driving. I'd like to just open it and unlock or start my car as I walk. I swear I am not driving Ford. I am not an abnormally fast...
  10. imstriker

    How-to DIY: Disable Double Honk with Mach-E Running in FORScan

    I'm excited for my date with a FORScan beta build tonight. Will be great to go through car line without wondering if my FordPass is actually working, hasn't crashed, connected... No longer will I be that person who forgets to check it occasionally and double honks at everyone when my son gets...
  11. imstriker

    Can't change Channels in SiriusXM

    I swear my car reads this forum, finds a new issue and adopts it.
  12. imstriker

    FordPower-Up 1.7.1 followed by Stop Safely Now.

    I hesitated to throw myself in this post as it is only kinda related, but my car has seemingly lost its mind a couple of times since 1.7.1 (or my last dealer visit, not really sure). First time, the blend door stopped responding. It was barely blowing any air anywhere and just squealing...
  13. imstriker

    Axle clunk

    If it helps anyone else with their dealer, here is the section of my service sheet with diagnosis and part numbers replaced.
  14. imstriker

    Feeling Helpless and missing my MachE

    I just went through 35 days of not having my car. There is no way I would have made it 60. Tweet to every Ford exec, contact them via e-mail. I had to kick and scream a lot but I did get a resolution. Ford should be taking care of this.
  15. imstriker

    Streaming Netflix on the MME screen??

    This works great, but beware... Mine all broke when I upgraded to 12. Haven't had time to circle back and see if there are updates on XDA.
  16. imstriker

    Ford BlueCruise OTA rollout delayed until Q1 2022

    I wonder if I can retime my payments to Ford Credit? I would like to ensure they have the highest quality payment experience.
  17. imstriker

    EA Pass+

    Sorry if I missed it, but I didn't find anything new in search. Long ago we talked on here about Pass+ and Plug and Charge. Did anyone ever get any answers out of Ford? It seems like a giant oversight in the long run if you can't link a Pass+ membership to Plug and Charge. Maybe it was...
  18. imstriker

    Ford BlueCruise OTA rollout delayed until Q1 2022

    Did anyone happen to keep a copy of what we signed at the dealer for the rebate surrounding BlueCruise? I was not smart enough to keep one and I wonder now what it said about availability. Was it just generic?