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  1. Dimensions for new GT-style vinyl grille

    didn't think about fading as a factor when applying it but it was too late to cancel my order so it arrived here today
  2. Dimensions for new GT-style vinyl grille

    Sorry to piggyback this but is anybody looking for a vinyl wrap in Bob's design? I asked for a return from struckndesign but they haven't responded. I can sell it at a discount. Packed up and ready to go
  3. Buying a MME before 12/31/21 without an order and ADM - Mission Impossible 2021?

    maybe try a nearby state like nevada or Arizona?
  4. 10/11 build week gang

    Yeah. Luckily I got it bargained down from 2000. Still annoying. I think its dealer dependant as well because they didn't inform me about it until I saw it on the final cost papers
  5. 10/11 build week gang

    Make sure you tell them you want no additional equipment installed on yours. I had to pay an extra thousand because they put a gps/LoJack on mine
  6. Forced GPS install?

    Yeah, I ordered online. According to them its "policy" for them to add GPS/Lojack to all their cars that get sold off the lot. I wasn't told about it until they showed me the final numbers and I saw that GPS install cost line on the numbers. Best case I could do (they couldn't/wouldn't remove...
  7. Current State Of Ford Options?

    Is it too late to pre-buy? Just wondering if there's a time/mileage frame in which I need to act. I only ask because 15000 is pretty close to what i drive annually and I wanted a little leeway
  8. Current State Of Ford Options?

    Hi, I picked up my car yesterday but I was kinda left puzzled about one thing when using Ford Options as my finance option: Is there a max amount of mileage you're allowed to use with the Ford Options? The reason I ask is that I wanted 16,500 as my annual usage rate but the dealership told me...
  9. Forced GPS install?

    Anybody have a forced GPS installed on their car at the dealership? Obviously I didn’t want it installed on my car but they did it anyway because of “dealership” policy. I bargained it down but still not thrilled they did it anyways. was this something I should have told them specifically...
  10. Dimensions for new GT-style vinyl grille

    ugh. I didn't think about fading. Might have to rethink this now.... :/
  11. Dimensions for new GT-style vinyl grille

    this goes without saying but you can install a PPF over this right?
  12. Dimensions for new GT-style vinyl grille

    since my car is here and I'm getting my PPF done next week. I just went ahead and ordered one. Hopefully the auto detailer can apply it and make it look nice
  13. 10/11 build week gang

    Theodore robins in Costa Mesa. Now I gotta sell my current car and get my affairs in order.
  14. 10/11 build week gang

    Got the call today, coming in tonight. Picking up Wednesday. Dealership is in Los Angeles/Orange country California, just to give you an indication
  15. 10/11 build week gang

    sure. Thanks for offering. Mine is 3fmtk3r72mma59591
  16. 10/11 build week gang

    Oh, I already got the pals update. Mine arrived there on 11/9 and is/was on the muncie ramp. I just don’t know where it is now and how much longer I have to wait
  17. 10/11 build week gang

    does this apply for west coast cars (IE CAlifornia)? I noticed most of the tracking posts are for East Coast bound cars
  18. 10/11 build week gang

    Any Muncie Ramp folk have any updates? Specfically with the trip number # 1361313028 Wondering where my car is (specifically going to California)
  19. Dimensions for new GT-style vinyl grille

    Bob, Thanks for all the hardwork in making this possible! Was curious about how the quality of the wrap was if I ordered from struckndesign? Can anybody attest to it?
  20. Help Needed! New car arrived and is “dead”

    So is the general consensus to just pony (hehe) up the money and get a 12V lithium ion battery installed from Ford on pickup? Just curious how much a battery would be?