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  1. GT Style Grill Vinyl for Mach-E Premium

  2. Mach-E in snowy Cascade Mountains!

    Fantastic shots and outcome. Just got my built email! I am in Portland area, are you using studless winter tires? Hope to be in possession by years end
  3. We need Dummies Guide to Mach-E

    Yes please, waiting on mine but will need all the help on these topics
  4. Don't be scared!

    Enjoy, looks awesome
  5. 11/01 Build week gang

    Rapid red ext range, got delayed also from 10/25. Hope it is under this year's tree
  6. My GT Performance Edition (GTPE) delivered!

    Wow, enjoy that incredible ride
  7. Iconic Silver Mach-E GT delivery!

    Looks svelt, enjoy the ride
  8. Just got our Mach e4 X two days ago!

    Congrats on the switch, let us know how the car show goes
  9. Ruby is HOME! The good, bad and ugly

    Enjoy your new pony, Looks awesome
  10. 6 Months Later...It's Finally Home

    Looks amazing, congratulations
  11. Extreme Heat and EVs

    We hit 114 in Turner Oregon yesterday and 111 today, we all need ac
  12. Anniversary gift for my wife!