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  1. Thevanin

    CLT Area GT Intro and First Road Trip

    Nice. Enjoy your ride! I haven't had any issues going around NC. Every EA DCFC and every ChargePoint L2 destination charger I've tried to use has worked flawlessly. There was a program kicked off a while ago where they were adding DCFC in more rural areas to enable EVs to travel more places...
  2. Thevanin

    DC Charging in the Asheville area besides Sam's Club?

    That EA station at Sam's Club has a reliability score of 10 on PlugShare. I just did a 1700 mi trip using exclusively EA and didn't have any issues charging. It really did a lot to build my confidence in EA. IF that isn't working, it looks like there's a 25kW charger at the local Chevy dealer...
  3. Thevanin

    SM 49810 - Buzz Noise From The Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC)

    No. It does seem like it comes and goes which I don't really get. It's not bad enough that I feel like I need to take it into the dealership, but it is something that I'll bring up when I do my 10k service.
  4. Thevanin

    SM 49810 - Buzz Noise From The Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC)

    I haven't checked these forums in a while. I had my screen replaced back in March ( High-pitched "Electrical Whine" | Page 26 | Ford Mustang Mach-E Forum - ). Sounds like I got off lucky... The new screen helped but didn't eliminate the while. I didn't have any of the software...
  5. Thevanin

    Model S Plaid & Mach E Rt 1 Roadtrip by MKBHD

    I think it was a pretty fair test that ended up showing the worst case outcome for the Mach E. Some road trips are either harder or straight up not possible in a non-Tesla EV. That's the reality of where things are. Anything that pressures/shames non-Tesla companies to do better is positive...
  6. Thevanin

    World EV Day

    Happy World EV Day. I'm heading to my parents' at the end of the month and already have a few people lined up that want to see/drive/ride in my Mach E
  7. Thevanin

    Considering buying a Mach E, a couple questions for current owners....

    Can't comment on all of your points but here's my 2c Q) How helpful is Ford service when it comes to servicing the Mach E? Are there enough mechanics trained in servicing EV's at Ford dealerships? A) My dealer has been very helpful. I could tell they really want me to have a good ownership...
  8. Thevanin

    BlueCruise almost here... are you in or out?

    I'm gonna be giving a shot. Figure I'll buy the 3 year pass or w/e and then re-evaluate. I doubt I'll use it that much because I don't take too many long trips. I do have a 1k mile trip coming up at the end of the month (NC - PA - NY and back) and it'd be nice to have for that. I won't hold...
  9. Thevanin

    PPF Installers around Charlotte/Cornelius NC

    The XPEL site has a tool for finding installers. XPEL Clear Bra Installers | United States | North Carolina I live in the Triad and went with their recommendation (X-PEL of the Triad) and had a great experience.
  10. Thevanin

    Lots of DCFC Coming Soon in NC

    Oh man. The Statesville station coming online is going to be nice.
  11. Thevanin

    Trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway

    I drove a leg of the Blue Ridge Parkway last weekend and thought I'd share some of the details in case anyone else wanted to make the trip. I charged to 80% at the Circle K just off I-77, it's 50kW and only has one stall, but was open when I went. Then got on the BRP near the VA boarder. I...
  12. Thevanin

    Lots of DCFC Coming Soon in NC

    Looks like DCFC is coming to Wilmington! Doesn't show up on PlugShare yet. On the evening of April 6, the Wilmington City Council approved the purchase of two direct current (DC) fast...
  13. Thevanin

    MME has arrived in North Carolina

    I went to XPEL of the triad over in Winston. They were fantastic. Great communication, pretty good price. They even gave me a loaner car to use. I dropped it off Tuesday morning and picked up Wednesday afternoon, so overall it was a pretty quick process.
  14. Thevanin

    MME has arrived in North Carolina

    @Insider You got yours at Crossroads Kernersville? That's where I got mine! Looks like I'm no longer the only Mach E in the triad anymore.
  15. Thevanin

    Mach-E Issues Compilation List (Wiki)

    I had two new bugs pop. I've had my car for about 4 weeks. 1) There's a squeak whenever I take my foot off the accelerator pedal. It seems like it's coming from up inside the dash where the pedal assembly attaches to the vehicle. It doesn't seem to be the the hinge that connects to the...
  16. Thevanin

    Ford Paint Protection Package?

    I think most people are opting for getting XPEL PPF or something similar. I did opt for the bumper protection package and it seems decent. I haven't really tested it that much yet. It runs the length of the bumper and has a nice texture to it. The plastic itself does not feel as good as the...
  17. Thevanin

    Longer trip

    I think I'm going to do another range test this weekend using only the info from the 'this trip' screen as that seemed to be the most reasonable. I'm trying to collect data to see if I can come up with my own model for efficiency.
  18. Thevanin

    Longer trip

    I've done a little bit of range testing locally with pretty promising results. I charged to 100%, and drove west on I-40 until I hit 60% charge and turned around. Made it from east of Winston-Salem to Morgantown NC and back, 215 miles. Averaged 3 mi/kWh and had 13% charge left which would be...
  19. Thevanin

    High-pitched "Electrical Whine"

    Well... I dropped my car off Monday morning and just got it back. TL;DR - Issue isn't gone but is improved. They think it's a cooling fan for the screen. Took longer than expected due to issues with programming the new screen. Can't notice that it was taken apart. No scuffs or rattles...
  20. Thevanin

    High-pitched "Electrical Whine"

    Thanks. I think I'm going to try and get another employee there to confirm my issue. The sales and service guys I've worked with can't hear it for various reasons... I'd like to have one person at the dealership confirm that they can hear it in case the new unit has the issue too.