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  1. Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    If the Dems take the Senate then for sure a very big stimulus. Probably more than $2.5T. Biden will not make the mistake the Obama Administration did in 2009 by passing an inadequate stimulus and ending up with the worst outcome: complaints about deficit spending AND inadequate stimulus. Better...
  2. Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    Read this and thought: "what is JG Wentworth and how do I know the name?". Then I remembered and started laughing. Fantastic commercial. FYI they brought it back and played it during this year's Tour de France. When I put the order in at the end of June I told my wife to expect delivery in...
  3. Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    FYI electric vehicle credits are worth more in CARB states so the easiest way to convince Ford -- and other manufacturers as well -- to increase incentives in CO is to have CO become a CARB state. Also, and I haven't looked at this and not totally sure of whether the sale point is correct, but...
  4. Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    To be clear, Ford never provided a schedule other than "starting late 2020" so no delays on its part (it's why a manufacturer will never commit to a schedule on a new release). The "delay" is based on your expectation of a delivery date, and I have always thought the expectations of delivery...
  5. Order Scheduled for Production Date

    First of all, sorry that 2020 has been such a bummer for you. It has been for us as well but more of an inconvenience bummer than a super stressful bummer. If the credit is stressing you out, here is something to think about: Someone else posted that their dealer offered to date the invoice for...
  6. Allocation Spot and Scheduled for Production?

    Thanks for trying. It is highly variable. The rail system can be crazy. It's like buying a ticket from LA to Brazil and you end up first going to Chicago where you have a day layover. I would be surprised if Ford didn't contract for delivery.
  7. Allocation Spot and Scheduled for Production?

    Just curious if you have a SWAG about how long it takes from the start of build week to when the car is delivered to the dealer. I realize the estimate has a high level of uncertainty since there are so many variables (my guess based on limited past experience is six weeks from the start of...
  8. Allocation Spot and Scheduled for Production?

    I'm thinking it's six weeks from the start of the build week. Has anyone affiliated with Ford given us an estimate? It's highly variable but should be possible based on past experience to say N weeks +/- (yes mostly +) 2 weeks. Is that a build date or a build week? If it's the build week it...
  9. Information on real-world Mach E range

    That's because it's downhill! (JK -- it is just not by a lot). A lot depends on how they drove. 70 MPH vs 75 MPH makes a difference. I wouldn't rely too much on a number from one drive which you don't know too much about. Given that deliveries are imminent it shouldn't be too long until we know...
  10. Mach E Tax Planning

    In a more or less zero interest rate environment the opportunity cost amounts to a couple of lattes at Starbucks. And of course if it did matter you could just reduce your withholding or pay less estimated tax.
  11. Mach E Tax Planning

    If you care, I'd be comfortable with that. Don't make too much out of which year you take the credit. Assuming you can take it in either year, it's just a timing issue which isn't of great import. You get it this year or next year. From a tax standpoint it doesn't change the total amount of tax...
  12. Hummer EV the champ at DCFC charging rate(s)?

    Usually GM marketing sucks so this is a pleasant surprise. I think they really have done a great job with the hype. I'm waiting for Schwarzenegger to show up as the Terminator with the tagline: "I'm back".
  13. Hummer EV the champ at DCFC charging rate(s)?

    Looks like an EA station. Maybe that's why no one is there? LOL
  14. "Ford Options" payment option

    It's basically like a lease but the customer rather than the leasing company retains title. For the tax credit this makes a difference. Might be good or bad. The good part is the customer gets the entire $7500 tax credit and avoids complaints and questions about how much of the credit should...
  15. Hummer EV the champ at DCFC charging rate(s)?

    I can't find any 350kW chargers near Portland on either the Plugshare or EA maps. Would be disturbing if the info on those sites is wrong. The language isn't the clearest, but FWIW my interpretation is that a highway running through a metro area is a metro area.
  16. Allocation Spot and Scheduled for Production?

    An astute observation. Nice. Seems like you're right but the sample size is small.
  17. Allocation Spot and Scheduled for Production?

    Seems like the "water fall" is being scheduled. "We are excited to let you know your 2021 Mustang Mach-E Premium has been scheduled for production. Your vehicle is scheduled to be built the week of November 30 2020." AWD with ER. Order #: 10005367 Order Date: 6/30/2020.
  18. Premium Mach-E Scheduled

    Things are getting real. I received an email from Ford about scheduled production. Nice touch. No need to try and track down the salesperson. Not complaining about him at all. Unprompted he did send me an email saying that I could expect the car in December or January, and this seems to have...
  19. Hummer EV the champ at DCFC charging rate(s)?

    "Our 50kW to 350kW chargers will be available at charging stations near highways, and 50kW to 150kW chargers will be available in metropolitan areas." -- Electrify America Might be an exception or these may be considered not to be in a metro area. But are you sure these are 350kW charges? The...
  20. Hummer EV the champ at DCFC charging rate(s)?

    The Hummer is so ostentatious and over-the-top you HAVE to love it. it's the Baroque on steroids coming to the 21st Century automobile industry. Brilliant. Would I buy it? No. Do I want it? No. But if would fit in the garage I'd much rather have this thing than a Tesla Model X or MB S class...