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  1. Active Drive Assist will cost $1,400 (says Autoline Daily)

    Do you mean Tesla's FSD? Autopilot is just auto steer and ACC but you still have to keep your hands on the wheel. In terms of pricing, $1400 is still less of what I expected. I thought it would be a subscription based service like Cadillac. I hope there is a free trial so I can gauge how good...
  2. Mach-E 0-60 Surprised we still don't have official numbers

    Pretty sure they just need to make more money before the quarter ends. They are also offering a $4k option for "enhanced autopilot" only until the end of this month.
  3. Mach-E GT clocks 3.7 seconds 0-100kph in European Testing

    This is with a roll, and tesla's have clocked in faster in real life. What I want to know most is if the performance is sustainable. Do we have any information on that? Like the Taycan is capable of delivering full power regardless of SoC and is also less prone to overheating.
  4. Mach-E 0-60 Surprised we still don't have official numbers

    1 ft rollout is a bit cheating though
  5. Mach-E GT First Ride Review from BBC Top Gear

    I can't help but read this with a British accent. Sounds great though
  6. Mach-E GT Revealed for Europe, 3.7 second 0-100 km/h Acceleration, 5-years Access to FordPass Charging Network and 1-year IONITY Premium Access

    Well tesla model Y is: 314 mile wltp 316 mile epa WLTP has a more consistent method of measuring EVs In terms of 0-60, Tesla does a 1 ft roll out for their performance cars but does 0-60 for their other models. For electric cars, 1 ft rollouts yield a faster time than 0-60. Gas cars benefit...
  7. GM announced Supercuise pricing (hands free ACC and Autosteer)

    I think the lidar mapping is necessary for the hands free part. Otherwise you get your basic ACC and lane keep with steering wheel nag
  8. Is the Mach-E really 7 years behind Tesla?

    Loaner was a 2018 model S75D with 24k miles. There are some reports about the model 3 but not much. I think the model 3 and Y is better at it. It's in the model 3 manual as well so that makes me believe the internal counter is still in there.
  9. Why the Mustang Mach E is better than the Tesla Model Y

    You don't get throttled down after a large number of DCFC charging sessions.
  10. Is the Mach-E really 7 years behind Tesla?

    Idk if this has been talked about, but Tesla has an internal counter for the amount of supercharges you've used. They'll throttle your charging speed. My neighbor and a loaner car of mine is stuck at 60kW. We don't know if the Mach-E will be the same, but likely not.
  11. GM announced Supercuise pricing (hands free ACC and Autosteer)

    It’s only cheaper if LIDAR mapping remains relevant. In the next decade, cars might have new sensors and V2V communication to make it irrelevant. If we’re going by Gm subscription model, it’s 13 years for $3k. I don’t know if I’d prefer a 3k flat charge or not.
  12. Tesla's battery day

    True, people have different needs. Furthest I'll drive is SF or Vegas so for me I only really need 200-250 highway miles. What bothers me the most about my model 3 is how slow it charges after 30-40%. This means the most time efficient way to get to SF would be to have 2-3 stops instead of just...
  13. Tesla's battery day

    I'm hoping 800v architecture. better thermals for better charging. IMO after 300 miles, range isn't as much of a concern... charging speed is.
  14. GM announced Supercuise pricing (hands free ACC and Autosteer)

    Yep same thing which is why I’m comparing it.
  15. GM announced Supercuise pricing (hands free ACC and Autosteer)

    I'm curious anyone else have the same sentiment as I do. That LIDAR mapping may stop all together in a decade or two. If you have the same opinion, do you still think a flat fee is better?
  16. VW ID.4 to get three years of free EA Charging

    I wonder if Ford will throttle charging down if you use DCFC a lot. This will be a dealbreaker for owners that don't have access to a daily level 2 charger. I got a 2018 model S with 24k miles this weekend while my model 3 is in for another service. This car charges SO slow. I never get over...
  17. GM announced Supercuise pricing (hands free ACC and Autosteer)

    Yeah, that's a fear of mine as well. It's easy to announce a low price when no one will be paying for it for a while.
  18. GM announced Supercuise pricing (hands free ACC and Autosteer)

    Hope this is in the right category. GM announced their pricing for Supercruise which is after a 3 year trial. I believe Ford hasn't announced their pricing yet. I personally like this subscription model because...
  19. Ford Announces RWD WLTP Range Increase, Norwegian Orders Starting September 17th

    Yeah I read that. I think their bias towards off "throttle" regen braking is also a big factor. I personally trust WLTP the most. Both of them are inaccurate but the WLTP is at least more precise. EPA varies too much to be a good guideline between electric cars. The Taycan should not be rated...